Pennsylvania Secretary of State will not order an order –

Pennsylvania Secretary of State will not order an order

Pennsylvania’s top election official confirmed on Friday that he would not order a repeat or replay of his state’s election results as officials there railed against claims of landless voter fraud.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Bokover (D) said the race for president, state attorney general, auditor general and state treasurer would not be contested or recur after informal returns submitted by state counties. At which such repetition would be triggered.

Bokovar said in a statement, “We are extremely grateful to all 67 counties working overtime and making extraordinary efforts to count every vote. More than 6.8 million votes have been counted so far . ” “The counting of ballots continues and the counting of approximately 100,000 provisional ballots issued to voters on election day continues, plus more than 28,000 military and foreign ballots cast in this election.”

With the ballot still cast, Biden currently has a nearly 60,000-vote lead in the state, a margin the state called for last weekend and could move forward.

The Pennsylvania Department of State said in a press release that 40,000 provisional ballots have been “counted or partially counted” and that the figure “will continue over the next few days.”

The Trump campaign and Republicans have launched a group of lawsuits in Keystone State in an attempt to reverse the presidential-election Joe BidenJoe Bidenbaden has spoken with some GOP senators, with the chief of staff saying Trump told advisers that they could announce a 2024 bid soon after Biden won certification: The GOP’s report of Obama upsetting election results Attempting to suspect: ‘This is a dangerous path’There is victory

Republicans’ main argument in Pennsylvania centers around the fact that state law allows counting mail-in ballots posted by Election Day and received by 5:00 pm last Friday. The State Department said that about 10,000 postal votes that were cast on or before November 3 were received between 3 pm and 5 pm. 6, a total that is not enough to influence the decision not to reschedule or reconsider. In any race.

The Trump campaign is also fighting lawsuits in several other swing states.

With every state being called into the presidential race, Biden defeated Trump with 236 with 306 electoral votes, meaning Biden would still have more than 270 electoral votes, which Pennsylvania had without 20 electoral votes Need to win the White House. The presidential election successfully flipped Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


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