Pence’s campaign bus involved in a minor accident

Vice President Mike Pence’s campaign bus became involved in a minor accident Thursday morning, while he went to the “Topps for Trump” event in Pennsylvania.

Pence, who was unheard of, walked in a limousine for the rest of the ride from the expedition bus, but minutes later, according to pool reports, two motorcycles with Pence’s motorcycle also had an accident.

About 10 minutes into the drive from Allegheny Airport en route to Greenberg, where the incident was taking place, the vice-president’s office in the campaign bus was described as a “moderately drunken drunkard”. Pool reporters covering the vice-president said the accident occurred on a high-speed road.

Following the bus accident, in White Oak, Pennsylvania, two motorbike escorts for the vice president’s motorcycle were involved in a second accident, also described as minor. Pool’s report states that the vice president left his car to speak with one of the police escorts and an ambulance was present at the scene.

Pence is campaigning in Pennsylvania for the second time in the month, winning state President Trump in 2016 by 44,000 votes. The Trump campaign is confident of winning the state again in November.

On a campaign with reporters last week, campaign manager Bill Stephan reported that Pennsylvania has “trended Republicans in presidential cycles for the past decade” and said Republican voter registration numbers have increased since 2017, while There has been a decline in democratic voter registration in the state.

Stephen, who recently took over as campaign manager, predicted that President Trump would win either of the states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin or Michigan, as long as he was also victorious in every other state he won in 2016. Mr. Trump four years ago in those three states.

Thursday’s incident focused on juxtaposing the administration’s support for law enforcement against allegations that the arrogant Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, would discredit the police. However, Biden has stated He does not support defending the police.

Crowds in Greensburg created a ruckus today when Pence said that “leading politicians of the Democratic Party today saw law enforcement officers like stormy soldiers.” He said, “Law enforcement is not the problem. Law enforcement is the solution.”

Pence thanked the police officers and promised that the Trump administration would “return the blue with more resources and more support.” He asked viewers to remember that the law and order and safety of American families is at stake when Democrats called the police to protect them and said communities should not be in the midst of supporting police and African-Americans.

Pence said, “The truth is that in Joe Biden America you will not be safe.” “Biden will double the policies that are leading to violence on the streets of America’s cities,” he said.


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