Pence was expected to count Electoral College of Congress

Vice President Pence is expected to preside over the Congressional count of Electoral College votes on Wednesday.

Pence’s presence was momentarily confused at the time of the roll call on Tuesday. Reported He sen. Chuck GrassleyAnswers on Chuck Grasslequest and the COVID-19 relief package Republicans are waiting to see what Trump is doing on the relief package. Increased number of MPs has led to greater access to COVID-19 vaccine (R-Iowa) said he would preside because “we don’t expect them to [Pence] To be there. “

The suggestion sent shock waves through Washington, ready for a high-profile effort by dozens of congressmen to challenge the election results, sparking brief chaos as reporters pulled out of the joint session.

Although Pence’s role is formal, he is under public pressure President TrumpDonald Trump’s attorney says the census count for determining congressional seats won’t count until February until Trump’s final push won’t dominate Georgia’s individual personal grievances. Trump says at the Georgia rally that he hopes Pence is our For ‘more’ To use his position to challenge the presidential election Joe BidenJoe Bidenette attorney says the census count for determining congressional seats won’t count until February, until Trump’s final push for Georgia dominates personal complaints, Trump at a Georgia rally says Hopefully Pence ‘for us’Win of. Trump said while speaking in Georgia on Monday night that he expected Pence to “give no reason” for us as to what action he expected the Vice President to take.

But a White House official said Grassley’s initial comments were not accurate.

And a spokesman for the 87-year-old GOP senator quickly clarified that Grassley was saying that if Pence needed a break during the hour-long session, he would preside over any Senate debate and challenges the results of the Electoral College. Will vote on

“On a weekly press call with VP journalists, @ChuckGrassley discussed his role as President Pro Tempore when CV was expected to chair the CV yesterday during the electoral college certification debate when @VP is not present . Tweeted.

According to a transcript provided by Grassley’s office, he was asked during a press call on Wednesday how he planned to vote during the Electoral College vote.

“Well, first of all, I will be – if not the Vice President and we don’t expect him to be there, I will preside over the Senate. And obviously listening to the debate without saying anything,” Grassley. Said, according to the transcript from his office.

A spokesman for Grassley later said that the senator “has every expectation that the Vice President will be present on the hill on Wednesday.”

If Pence left Wednesday’s session, he would not be the first vice president to do so. In 1969, Vice President Hubert Humphrey refused to preside over the joint session.

Brett Samuels contributed.


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