Pence: Trump & # 39; actively consider & # 39; the relocation of the Embassy of the United States in Jerusalem


President Trump, accompanied by Vice President Pence, on the right, and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, center-left, speak at the Eisenhower executive office building in Washington on July 19. (19659002 Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post) President Trump is "actively considering" how to fulfill his promise to move the US embbady. UU In Israel to Jerusalem, Vice President Pence said on Tuesday, reopening a divisive issue that placed Trump at odds with military advisers and diplomats and close allies.

Pence attracted shouts and applause at an event that marks 70 years since the United Nations vote that led to the creation of the State of Israel when he contrasted the Trump administration's position on the issue of the embbady with previous US administrations .

"While over the past 20 years, Congress and successive administrations have expressed their willingness to move our embbady, ​​as we speak, President Donald Trump is actively considering when and" To move the US Embbady in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, "Pence said.

Congress ordered the embbady relocated from Tel Aviv, Israel's commercial center, to disputed Jerusalem in 1995. Since then, each president has postponed the measure, citing security risks Trump did the same in June, setting aside a campaign promise to immediately order the relocation.He acted, reluctantly, under the advice of cabinet chiefs, Jordanian King Abdullah II and others who argued that such a move could ignite violence Palestinians claim part of Jerusalem as future capital

At that time, the White House said that moving the embbady could endanger the nascent efforts of the administration to resume peace talks in the Middle East. [19659000] [ Trump chooses to keep the US embbady in Tel Aviv, for now]

Trump faces another deadline, on Friday, to say what he will do with the embbady, ​​and the observation of Pence suggests that Trump can move forward with a relocation plan. Pence did not mention the next deadline.

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