Pence says he doesn’t ‘recall’ on standby during Trump Walter Reid’s visit

Vice President Pence said on Tuesday that he has to “not return” when he is being told on “standby” President TrumpDonald John Trumptrump compared police who use force to golfers who called Pence a ‘choke’ for handling powers during Trump’s abrupt Walter Reid visit: the book’s top Senate Democrat request named German ambassador Pulled over previous inflammatory comments Last year, Walter Reed made an unannounced visit to the medical center.

“I don’t remember being told on standby,” said Brett Bair of Fox News on an account included in New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt’s new book. “I was informed that the President had appointed a doctor.”

“I have to tell you, you are always on standby as part of this work. You are the Vice President of the United States,” Pence continued. “The American people can be confident that this president is in remarkably good health, And every single day I see that energy in high relief. ”

According to Schmidt’s book, Pence was told on standby last November to assume presidential powers that Trump was to be anesthetized during Walter Reid’s visit, which was not on Trump’s schedule, and a broader view of the president Speculation was prompted. Health.

Pence said on Tuesday that he is “always informed” of Trump’s movements and stressed that “there was nothing out of the ordinary about that moment or that day.” He referred other questions to the White House physician.

Trump first sought to refute the report on Tuesday, denying in a tweet that he made an emergency visit to Walter Reed after suffering “a series of mini-strokes”.

“This candidate never happened – FAKE NEWS. Maybe they are referring to another candidate from another party!” Trump tweeted.

Schmidt does not, in fact, report that Trump visited the medical center after multiple strokes.

The White House physician also issued a statement stating that Trump had not experienced or evaluated for “cerebrovascular accident (stroke), transient ischemic attack (mini stroke), or any acute cardiac emergency” has gone.

The Trump campaign later called on CNN to fire political analyst Joe Lockhart when he asked after reports of Shameed’s book on Twitter whether Trump had a stroke “which he is hiding from the American public.”

The Trump campaign said in a statement, “CNN was thought to be a failure of a lifetime, a failure of a lifetime, to deliberately push a conspiracy theory about fellow Trump’s health to fellow losers.” Angeles was a great idea for Michael Dukes. ”

“If another CNN employee said such things Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaChadwick Bosman is the most liked post of Obama’s tweet. Clinton mourns Bosman: ‘He was a hero on screen and’ More They will be fired immediately, so the same standard should be applied here. Unless, of course, CNN is involved in the smear campaign to level the playing field. Joe BidenJoe Bidentrump says Black Lives Matter is bad for ‘Kamala Harris Pop’ for black people in Brandy and Monica’s ‘Verzoo’ fight: ‘You queen, you stars’ Hillican Valley: Twitter flags Trump’s Biden clip Manipulated the tweet as media. Democrats demand resumed election security briefing in person | Proposed rules to protect power grids raise concerns, Someone who has really lost a step, “the campaign continued.