Pence plans to go to a fundraiser hosted by QAnon backers

Three Republicans seeking elections in Montana were also scheduled to join the fund: US Sen. Steve Staines, who faces a November challenge from the Democratic village. Steve Bullock; US Rep. Greg Jianfort, a Republican running for governor; And State Auditor Matt Rossendale, a candidate for the US House.

Borlands has donated more than $ 220,000 to Trump’s reelection bid, most of which was named after Caryn Borland, and he was a guest at the National GOP convention last month.

The QAnon narrative has grown to include other long-running conspiracy theories to gain traction among some extremist Trump supporters. The movement is often compared to the right-wing creed. Some followers have run for office primarily in the Republican Party, although some are independent or run as third-party candidates. Trump has denied calling QAnon a liar.

Pence said it’s a conspiracy theory and told CBS last month, “I don’t know anything about QAnon, and I dismiss it out of hand.”

Borlands has shared several QAnon social media posts, as well as other maligned intrigues.

Michael Borland displayed several QAnon “Q” logos on his Facebook page. Caryn Borland retweeted or liked QAnon’s Twitter account. In April, she tweeted a Trump supporter answering an emoji with a praying hand for “Always” from a Qion account.

Borlands did not immediately retract the telephone message on Saturday and asked for comment.

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