Pence made Biden’s ‘very irresponsible’ comment on the coronovirus vaccine, predicting 100 million DDs available since January

Vice President Mike Pence scolded Joe Biden for his “very irresponsible” comments on “The Story” on Wednesday, telling a group of reporters that he trusts scientists – not President Trump – when a safe and effective coronavirus When it comes to manufacturing a vaccine.

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“I think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris find it very irresponsible for American scientists to question the incredible innovation of our scientists working around the clock to develop vaccines,” Pence told “The Story”.

Pence rejected his predecessor’s claim that efforts to prepare and distribute a safe vaccine for COVID-19 could be “distorted by political considerations” at times.

“I mean, look, they know that there are many security measures in place,” the vice president fired back. “President Trump has made it clear to all our pharmaceutical companies because he brought them to the White House long ago in this epidemic and said that I want you to develop medicines and vaccines.

“But, he [President Trump] Said, no shortcut. We are not cutting any corners. President Donald Trump will always play with the health of America, so that the American people can be confident that despite being run by Joe Biden and his running mates, we will walk towards a safe and effective vaccine, “Pence emphasized.” ”

Pence described a vaccine delivery plan that would provide “tens of millions of doses” early next month, pending FDA approval.

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“We are manufacturing these vaccines, as we speak,” he said. “At the same moment that one of the companies that is already in Phase 3 clinical trials says it’s safe, they hand it over to the FDA. As soon as the FDA says it’s safe and effective, We will have tens of millions of doses available. American people. ”

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will determine the priority and delivery of the vaccine, Pence said, adding his team has already started working with state officials “with FDA approval at the moment.

“We’re going to focus on the weakest,” he said. “We will focus on doctors, nurses, first responders, to ensure that those who have the potential for the worst outcomes from coronovirus have the vaccine first.”

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The United States is on its way to having one or more safe and effective coronovirus vaccines before the end of the year, Pence said, “100 million doses before December 31, and then hundreds of millions of doses as we go into 2021.”