Pence, DeVos advocates reopening at North Carolina school

Vice President Pence and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVosElizabeth (Betsy) De Davosa Epidemic Isn’t Time To Reduce Public Education Most of the teachers say they are worried about coronovirus risk on the job: Pol Fu fighters Dave Grohl Trump, Devos to reopen schools Pushes: ‘Teachers want to teach. No more dying Visited a private school on Wednesday to advocate for the reopening of schools across the country.

Pence and DeVos visited Thales Academy in Swing State, North Carolina to meet with students and host a roundtable with school faculty. The private school reopened earlier this month with in-person learning.

The Trump campaign later tweeted a video of him talking with fourth graders about what his favorite part of the school is, featuring students’ comments that they were happy to see their friends and teachers.

“Being with your friends is a part of making the school special, but also … it’s very important, the learning process,” he said. “[S]It is important for tutors to be together. ”

Pence took off his mask through the session with the students, while Devos was not seen wearing a mask in class.

Public schools in Taraheel State are scheduled to reopen on August 17, although many students are still learning remotely.

The visit comes amid a large national debate on school reintegration with the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress to take a more cautious stance, with Democrats advocating for schools in the Trump administration and Republican Congress to resume learning. .

Former vice president Joe BidenJoe Bidenbidden hits Trump’s’ Law and Order ‘message: he’s trying to’ scare the devil ‘out of people, Biden notes, talking about Kamala Harris, showing that Congress’ mistrust of’ Big Tech ‘ Passion opportunity cost morePence’s campaign of publicity on his Wednesday visit stated that the administration is leaving teachers to dry outside without pushing teachers to return to classrooms without adequate safety precautions.

Campaign spokesman Kate Bedfield said Vice President Pence could try to convince teachers and students with this school trip, but the reality is that he is insisting on reopening his doors to teachers across the country. “We need an administration that puts the lives of the American people in their own self-interest.”


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