Pelosi’s Labor Day tweet pays homage to ‘hard-working families’, which is punctuated by the results of the salon

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was accused by critics last week for using her platform to harm the owner of a local hair salon in San Francisco, was called out on a tweet on Monday, which she called on Labor Day across America Celebrated as “hard-working families”. .

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“Generation by generation, working people across America built the middle class and achieved progress for hard-working families,” Pelosi wrote. “House Democrats are united in our commitment to working families in America. Happy Labor Day! ”

The tweet did not sit well with some commentators, who pointed to a recent visit to a hair salon. Security footage obtained by Fox News, time-stamped last Monday at 3:08 pm, showed the speaker walking ESalonSF with wet hair and without a mask.

EXCLUSIVE: PELOSI used a San Francisco hair salon for a blue-out, seen in ‘FACE’.

The salons in San Francisco had been closed since March and were notified that they could reopen only on September 1 for outdoor hairstyling services. Pelosi said he was set up by the owner of the salon and is obliged to pardon. Erica Cusse denied Pelosi’s accusation, accusing some of the speaker’s critics of hurting her for trying to provide for a small business owner for her two young children.

One commenter responded to Pelosi’s tweet, “Is this the same middle class that” sets you up “or nah?”

Another wrote, “Nice hair.”

Pelosi’s office did not immediately respond to an email from Fox News seeking comment. The tweets were not all negative, and some thanked him for defending workers in the country.

Some commentators discussed a new coronovirus stimulus package. Treasury Secretary Steven Menuchin said Sunday that Pelosi is refusing to negotiate until Republicans are prepared to spend at least $ 2.5 trillion.

“The speaker refused to sit down and refused to negotiate, unless we have already agreed to something like a $ 2.5 trillion deal,” Mnuchin said. “As you know, we put $ 3 trillion into the economy when the economy was completely shut down and we have now reopened the economy. Let’s bill more targeted now and if we need to do more in 30 days We will continue to do more.

Pelosi said the Democrat proposal would help working families in the country struggle to buy food and pay rent. She said in an interview that the Republican proposal contained zero money for rent and “nothing for food security.”

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Pelosi told MSNBC that the US has been hurt by President Trump in the coronovirus fight because he “does not believe in science.”

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report

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