Pelosi, Mnuchin talk provocatively but deadlock persists

The speaker Nancy PelosiMcConnell may introduce new coronovirus bill next week, says Nancy PelosiMnuchin on funds: Shutdown politics is set to collide with coronovirus aid. Bad blood among Pelosi, Meadows complicates coronovirus talks Housing in September, 36-year-old stock to deal with marijuana closed August best (D-California.) And Treasury Secretary Steven MenuchinSteven Turner MnuchinMnuchin says McConnell could introduce new coronovirus bill next week, Hill’s Morning Report – submitted by Facebook – encouraged Trump to call for calm during visit to Wisconsin, bad blood among Pelosi, Movers complicate coronovirus negotiations The talk was made by phone on Tuesday, but did not make headway over a week of deadlock over an incentive package to give Americans economic relief from the coronovirus epidemic.

Pelosi and Mnuchin spoke on the phone for 36 minutes Tuesday afternoon, after the Treasury Secretary testified before overseeing the coronovirus crisis.

Both sides remain in their positions: Democrats are proposing a $ 2.2 trillion package, while the White House is asking for a proposal of about $ 1.3 trillion.

Pelosi said in a statement, “Sadly, this phone call made it clear that Democrats and the White House continued serious differences, understanding the seriousness of the situation for America’s working families.”

During his testimony before a House panel on Tuesday, Mnuchin said he did not support the $ 2.2 trillion proposal given by Democrats, down from the previous proposal of $ 2.4 trillion.

“I don’t support $ 2.2 trillion,” Mnuchin said.

Pelosi reiterated that she thinks the proposals from the White House and Senate Republicans are below and not enough to overcome the coronovirus crisis.

“Does the White House feel that America’s working families are not worth the investment needed to defeat the virus and the economic crisis that accompanies it? Or will they spend the money another way?” Pelosi said.

The lack of progress during the Pelosi-Mnuchin call came less than a week after he spoke with the White House chief of staff on Tuesday. Mark meadowsAt the request of Mark Randall Meadowstop Senate Democrats, the German ambassador nomination has been drawn over past inflammatory comments, with McCain saying McConnell could introduce the new coronovirus bill next week Trump says he is not meeting the Blake family because they want to Were lawyers to join ‘peacock’. on the phone. Likewise the call did not gain much headway.

Mnuchin said during his testimony that both he and she President TrumpDonald John Trumptrump compared police who use force to golfers who called Pence a ‘choke’ for handling powers during Trump’s abrupt Walter Reid visit: the book’s top Senate Democrat request named German ambassador Pulled over previous inflammatory comments Support workers, schools, small businesses and more support for testing.

“I say that I very much agree with you and those other experts that more fiscal response is needed. The President and I want to move forward with more fiscal response.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee Maxine WaterMaxine Moore Watermarkets grew as the economy struggled; ‘It does not make sense’ Maxine Waters expressed confidence that Biden would make the Black woman as VP Bill the Fed Fight from Warren, Gillibrand and Waters creating economic racial disparities. (D-California.) Urges Menucchin to resume negotiations with Pelosi.

“Can I tell him that you suggested that I tell him right after the hearing?” Mnuchin asked Waters.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Waters answered.

“Done! I’ll call him right after the hearing,” Munnuchin said.

Senate Republicans plan to vote on the “targeted” coronavirus virus bill next week. But the legislation is unlikely to secure the 60 votes needed to pass, which Democrats are calling for a more detailed bill.

The weekly $ 600 federal unemployment insurance payment made by the March Coronavirus Relief Act expired in late July. Trump took executive action to temporarily supplement unemployment insurance at $ 400 per week, but that aid still hasn’t reached people in many states.

The Trump administration also issued an order on Tuesday stating that they can stop evicting tenants if they cannot pay rent due to lost income from the epidemic.