Pelosi faced criticism over a visit to a California hair salon

The speaker Nancy PelosiMcConnell may introduce new coronovirus bill next week, says Nancy PelosiMnuchin on funds: Shutdown politics is set to collide with coronovirus aid. Bad blood among Pelosi, Meadows complicates coronovirus talks Housing in September, 36-year-old stock to deal with marijuana closed August best (D-California) on Monday faced criticism from Republicans over their visit to the San Francisco Hair Salon.

A spokesman for the speaker’s office told The Hill on Tuesday that Pelosi complied with the business’s requirements as they were presented to her, adding that she followed local guidelines, stating that the salon informed her Was that a customer was allowed in the business. Time.

“The president always wears a mask and complies with local COVID requirements. The business offered the chairman to come in on Monday and told him that he was allowed to have one customer at a time in the city. Pelosi’s office said in the statement, “The speaker complied with the rules presented to him by this establishment.”

A Twitter account operated by the Senate Republic had previously tweeted that Pelosi’s visit was a “slap” for business owners who saw their workplaces closed by state restrictions, which meant that House leaders after Fox News reported Was visited by a “closed” salon for a haircut.

“Speaker Pelosi has pushed policies that will shut down our economy and shut down our small businesses. But for himself; visiting a salon whenever he wants,” the account tweeted, “really a ‘face in the face’ Slap.”

The salon owner protested to Fox News that Pelosi’s visit violated citywide COVID-19 restrictions against prohibiting indoor service at hair salons in the San Francisco area, as well as hair-drying regulations at salons. A notice from the San Francisco mayor’s office posted on Friday stated that outdoor service at the hair salon could resume on Monday, but added that “services may not be provided indoors.”

The video of the trip also shows Pelosi with a mask around her neck; Guidelines from the mayor’s office state that “any service requiring your client to cover their face is not permitted at this time.”

“I was like, are you kidding me now?” Shall i let this happen What do I do? “The salon owner told Fox News.” It was a slap in the face that she went in, you know, she thinks she can just go and get her stuff while someone else Can’t go in, and I can’t work. ”