Pelosi blasts Republican ‘skinny’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday morning that she remains in opposition to Republican efforts to pass a smaller version of her party’s stimulus plan despite the 2020 election and the economic decline from Kovid-19.

When asked by CNBC’s Jim Cramer whether she would now be ready to pass a “thin” deal and later reconcile with Republicans on outstanding issues, Pelosi fired back that “no later with this administration Is not. ”

Pelosi said, “This is the opportunity. And the Skinny deal is a Republican bill: It’s not a deal at all.” “They are making a thin – indeed, Chuck Schumer and I call it a dilapidated – proposition for a bigger problem.”

“We can spend a fair amount to meet the needs of the American people,” he said. “And by the way: This is incentive. We are a consumer economy and as much as we have it, whether it is food stamps or unemployment insurance … it is the inspiration for the economy.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The speaker passed the 3 trillion bill passed in May in the House known as the Heroes Act. The legislation would relieve nearly $ 1 trillion for state and local governments, a second round of direct payments of $ 1,200 per person and an expansion of the $ 600 per week federal unemployment insurance benefit that expired in late July.

Republicans looking for an agreement, such as Treasury Secretary Steven Menuchin, have said they want to keep the price tag of the developing bill at about $ 1 trillion to get out of better economic figures and budgetary concerns.

The cumulative federal budget deficit for the first 11 months of FY 2020 was $ 3 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office, intensified government spending to support the economy through the Kovid-19 shutdown.

But Pelosi’s insistence on a big deal could put fellow Democrats in a difficult position, with many members of the House who won seats in a tough reelection battle from Republicans in 2018. If they return home to the voters without any additional epidemic assistance enforced in the law, those delegates may find their race even more difficult.

For their part, Republicans failed to advance their own “skinny” bill in the Senate last week, as all Democrats voted against a procedural measure. While the bill is much smaller than the Bill Heroes Act, it would have re-enforced federal unemployment insurance at the rate of $ 300 per week, half of the $ 600 weekly payments ending in July. Democrats said it did not go very far.