Pelosi and Schumer say US Capitol police officers killed during rebellion will lie in honor of Capitol

On January 6, Siknik died after suffering a head injury while extinguishing a fire during an hour-long battle for control of the US Capitol.

According to a news release, a formal arrival will be at 9:30 am ET on the Eastern Front of the Capitol. Viewing time for US Capitol Police members will begin at 10 a.m. and continue throughout the night.

The move came after several MPs had called in the Capitol to honor Cinic.

A bill was introduced by two Republicans in South Carolina that would allow Siknik to be taken to the Capitol in honor before being buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Rep. Ralph Norman and Sen. Tim Scott introduced the law on Thursday. If passed, a plaque will be placed in the Capitol in Sikkic’s memory and will allow the House Sergeant to pay in the Arms for Shimik’s funeral services.

Associations representing rank and file officers “welcome the proposal,” which would need to be passed unanimously.

“Officer Siknik died because he had saved the lives of members of Congress and his staff for his safety – he performed his duty,” said Gus Papanatsiyo, the president of the union representing rank-and-file officers. “We should remember their lives and service with respect and honor.”

Lying in the state is usually reserved for US government leaders, but in 1998 two US Capitol police officers were shot and killed who were the first private citizens to lie in honor at the Capitol. Norman wanted to retain that example for Sikic.

Norman said in a statement, “The attacks in the Capitol on January 6 show us that now more than ever we should support our police.” “Just as the US Capitol Police harmed themselves last week to protect the seat of American democracy, selflessness and sacrifice are made every day by law enforcement officers across our country. Each of them deserves our respect and support Huh.”


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