Pederson fired as head coach of Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia (WPVI) – Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson’s term as the only head coach to lead the Birds to a Super Bowl victory is reportedly over.

Both ESPN and NFL Network reported on Monday afternoon, citing sources, that Pedersen is out as the Eagles’ head coach.

Further details were not immediately available. No official comment has been made by the Eagles yet.

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According to sources, Doug Pederson’s position as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles is not firm, and he may be left out if owner Jeffrey Lurie is not convinced about Pedersen’s vision for the team soon after reuniting, Sources told ESPN.

According to sources, Pederson and Lurie are expected to meet again in Florida earlier this week.

According to sources, Lurie’s concerns extend beyond struggling quarterback Carson Wenge, and there are a number of outstanding issues ranging from personnel to coaching staff attitudes.

Pedersen, who helped Philadelphia to its only Super Bowl title in 2017 and guided the Eagles to the playoffs in 2017, expected the ’18 and ’19 coaches in 2021 despite finishing 4-7-1 this season Will remain

According to sources, Lurie has not been sold to the point of how Pedersen planned to fix the offense and bring the Eagles back to claimant status.

Philadelphia finished 26th in scoring (20.9 points per game) and 28th in passing yards (207.9 per game) in 2020, while Wentz dramatically regained his fifth year in a row and Rocky Jalen. Hurts made it to the Eagles’ starter for the final four games of the season. .

Sources said that Wentz plans to ask for a trade in Offsen because his relationship with Pedersen is beyond repair. While the trust has worked both ways, sources said Pederson recently stated that his relationship with Wentz was fine.

Wentz has not spoken publicly since the Eagles’ season was over, and a player source indicated that the quarterback did not have a general end-of-season exit interview with Pedersen or the staff.

While Pedersen’s fragile situation does not necessarily focus on Wentz’s issues, according to sources, his description when pressed about the team’s offensive identity during an internal meeting with management was “disturbing”. Sources said his plan to address his coaching staff was also lacking.

For Hurts, there was no clarity from Pederson on whether a second round was drafted last April, whether he realizes that the Eagles would have been better off if the organization decided to move on from Wentz. Had his future quarterback.

Prior to the conclusion of last Sunday night’s season – in which Hurts was drawn in favor of Nate Sudeld in a 20–14 loss to Washington – it also raised questions as to whether Pederson had lost the confidence of his players.

The Peders have a 46–39–1 record in five seasons with the Eagles. He became the eighth head coach to win a Super Bowl within his first two years in February when Philadelphia defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII in February 2018.

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