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Pearl Harbor veterans join the memory of Boston

Few witnesses to the attack on Pearl Harbor remain, but yesterday two people were present in Charlestown for a ceremony to remember the day he will live in infamy.

Navy veterans Emery Arsenault and Freeman Johnson, both 96, joined the USS Constitution Commander Nathaniel Shick at the USS Cassin Young. Johnson served aboard the USS St. Louis. Arsenault was among a handful of veterans who returned to Pearl Harbor last year for the 75th anniversary. More than 2,400 Americans were killed and the eight battleships were sunk or severely damaged in the December 7, 1941 attack on the Hawaiian base that catapulted the US. UU Towards the Second World War.

Arsenault and Johnson joined Shick at the bow of Cassin Young to throw commemorative wreaths of red, white and blue flowers at Boston Harbor.

The Cassin Youngs deployed in the Pacific theater three years after Pearl Harbor and survived two kamikaze attacks.

"The spirit of what our veterans did to keep our country safe is remembered in ceremonies like this, and we are honored by the presence of all the veterans who have served with such distinction," National Parks Superintendent of Boston Michael Creasey said.

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