Peaky Blinds to finish after season 6

peaky blinders

peaky blinders
Photo: Robert Wigalski / Netflix

according to this Variety, BBC Crime Drama peaky blinders-Cillian Murphy as up-and-coming gangster Tommy Shelby in post-WWI England – will be somewhat surprising after his upcoming sixth season (here in the Colonies is on Netflix). The show resumed production after the COVID-19 pandemic and everything stopped Variety Says that with the announcement of the show’s imminent return, it was revealed that the sixth season would also be its last. This contradicts Kiss producer Steven Knight and the first hint, as he has said in the past, that the show will run for at least seven seasons, but fans can at least take a bit of comfort in the fact that it won’t be the end of it. peaky blinders Franchise as a whole: Knight says the show will, in some form or the other, coexist Variety Anticipating that there would be a “movie or spin-off show”.

We can also guess a comic book or video game, because the former is relatively easy and the latter is already done (There a peaky blinders Video game!), But we have no idea. in any way, peaky blinders The TV show will return (and end) later this year or early next year, and then it will continue in some other form.


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