Peak design made with travel tripod with compactness that changes the game

The San Francisco-based Peak Design company prides itself on creating innovative products for photographers that redefine their categories, and today again interrupts a new niche: tripods. The new Travel Tripod of the brand is designed to be one of the most compact and easy to use tripods that have been manufactured.

The result of four years of development, the travel tripod is "a further detailed examination of the camera tripod design to produce the most portable tripod, easy to install and easy to install for professional and tripod owners for the first time", Peak The design says.

First, the company stated that the biggest problem photographers have with traditional tripods is their unnecessary mbadive and spatial inefficiency. When completely collapsed and packed, many or most tripods have a relatively large amount of dead space.

What Peak Design has done is create a tripod that eliminates as much dead space as possible. The legs and center column of the travel tripod come together firmly when they collapse to achieve a compact diameter or just 3.25 inches (8.26 cm), which is about the diameter of a water bottle.

A traditional collapsed tripod (left) and the Peak Design travel tripod (right).

In addition to being compact, the collapsed tripod is tidy and free of protuberances.

The compactness makes the tripod easy to transport when worn or stored in a bag.

But even so, which occupies less than half the volume of the existing popular tripods, the tripod can still unfold in numbers of 58.5 inches (~ 1.49 m).

"During my travels in 2008 I began to wonder why on Earth my tripod was so big," says Peter Dering, CEO of Peak Design. "The thing was full of negative space and knobs, and I felt that something designed for portability could be much better. I quickly realized that everything that was not a complete design would not meet my criteria of the perfect travel tripod.

"It took years of development, but the result is a camera trip that integrates perfectly into all aspects of the trip and the adventure."

The deployment of the travel tripod is quick and intuitive, since one simply unlocks the three sets of cameras (the four on each non-inverted leg can be put together with a quick movement of the hand) to fully extend all available leg segments .

The physical interface of the tripod has also been reduced to optimize ease of use and spatial efficiency. Instead of a control system, the travel tripod uses a unique adjustment ring around the 3.25-inch ball head to provide 360-degree movement. To lock the camera in place at any angle, simply tighten the ring completely.

The upper part of the Travel Tripod has a patented quick-release plate that allows you to attach your equipment (including a full-frame digital SLR camera with a large telephoto lens) in a flash, and the system is compatible with existing transport equipment. Peak Design and Arca. Dimensions of the Swiss tripod also.

"In addition to a complete rethinking of the architecture and user interface of a tripod, material choices and carefully considered construction techniques provide the stability and vibration vapor demanded by avid photographers," says Peak Design.

Other features include a built-in universal phone holder, a spirit level, a counterweight counter and a soft case included.

Peak Design has raised more than $ 20 million in 8 Kickstarter campaigns to launch its products, which allows the company to remain 100% free of investors and employee property, and the Travel Tripod is also being launched through the collective financing platform.

The tripod will be presented in two varieties when released to the general public: an aluminum leg version for the $ 350 and a carbon fiber game version for $ 600.

After the Kickstarter campaign and its pre-sale discount ($ 289 for aluminum and $ 479 for carbon fiber, for successful fund and delivery projects), Peak Design will launch the Travel Tripod on sale on its website as through the main retailers, and the goal is to take out the tripod in time for the 2019 holiday season.

Full disclosure: Peak Design provided a pre-production travel sample for review.

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