PayPal offers $ 25 million in interest-free cash advances to federal government workers

PayPal, Dan Schulman, CEO of the company, wrote in an article published in USA Today on Friday.

Federal workers who are PayPal credit customers can receive a one-time $ 500 down payment. Schulman wrote that the initiative is not political and is "a matter of values".

He praised the efforts of other companies that have announced programs that serve government workers affected by the closure.

Kraft established a grocery store that will open January 16-20 in Washington, DC Federal workers who show their government ID can take home "a bag full of Kraft products for their families."

AT & T announced that "our customer service team will adjust charges for late payments, provide extensions and coordinate with you the revised payment schedules" for "customers affected by the closure." Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile have announced similar measures, Vox said.

GettyImages-1074550768 (1) Federal workers who are PayPal credit customers can receive a one-time $ 500 down payment. SAUL LOEB / AFP / Getty Images

Some 800,000 federal workers have not been paid during the closure, which entered its 28th day on Friday. A New York Times The badysis published on Wednesday says that a typical federal worker has lost $ 5,000 of salary during the closure.

"What caught my attention is how overwhelmed and unprepared the federal workers are for these circumstances:" Where do I get food? How do I get rental badistance? How do I get help paying for my public services? " Kate Maehr, executive director of the Greater Chicago Food Repository, told The New York Times In an article published on Thursday.

Federal workers have created more than 1,500 pages of crowdfunding at GoFundMe, a spokeswoman for the platform told CNN on Thursday. While the pages had raised more than $ 300,000, their fundraising could have violated ethics laws for federal workers, CNN reported.

"The bottom line is that this is a high-risk behavior that, unfortunately, could lead to very serious problems, I feel very bad for these (federal workers), they are in such a difficult position, my heart is with them." "And I'd hate to see them fired or something worse," said Walter Shaub, a former director of the Government Ethics Office.

A range of people have stepped in to help. Famous chef José Andrés and World Central Kitchen, his humanitarian organization, opened a kitchen in Washington, DC. They are offering free meals to federal workers.

It seems that neither the Democratic leaders nor President Donald Trump would change their position, as government employees continued to miss work days.

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