Payment processor Stripe cuts ties with Trump campaign

Relationship with payment processing company Stripe Cut President TrumpDonald Trumpkim says North Korean efforts will focus on bringing America to its knees’ Pelosi urges Democrats to prepare to return to DC this week. During the impeachment, Ken Klippenstein says: ‘Ideological’ blinds put law enforcement more than immediately responding to capital riots.The campaign following the riots of his supporters in the Capitol last week, a person familiar with the matter confirmed in The Hill on Sunday.

Stripe, a San Francisco-based company that manages online card payments for many businesses, will stop paying payments for the campaign, stating that the campaign has taken a stand against encouraging violence after the Trump supporters mob Violated policies and committed vandalism in the Capitol.

The company requests that users do not collect payments for “high risk” activities for any business or organization that “encourages, encourages, promotes or celebrates unlawful violence or physical harm to individuals or property” ” According to On its website.

Wall Street Journal Previously reported that the company was ending its relationship with the campaign.

The Trump campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.

The news of his separation from the presidential campaign came as other technology companies punished Trump and his campaign.

Twitter permanently suspended Trump’s account, and Facebook declared that the president could at least not reach the presidential election Joe BidenJoe Bidenkim says North Korean efforts will focus on bringing America to their knees’ Amazon suspends parlor from web hosting service. Pelosi has requested Democrats to prepare to return to DC this week amid calls for impeachment.The inaugural email vendor helped the campaign distribute its email suspended access after the riots.

Apple and Google repeatedly offered social media site Parlar in their App Stores by conservatives and Trump supporters, who do not track in their App Stores, saying that Amazon Web Services said it would not host the site. Until it hits the ramp. Content Moderation.

Businessmen are responding after Trump supporters sabotaged the Capitol building last week after the riots, which led lawmakers to run to safe places and both chambers halted their debate over Electoral College.

Trump called his supporters to flock to DC on January 6 to oppose the results of the congressional electoral college, and confirmed Biden’s victory. Beyond the riots, he encouraged his supporters in a speech to march to the Capitol and reiterated his unfounded claims that widespread voter fraud affected the election.

Both Marriott International Inc. and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association announced that they would withhold the company’s donations to any lawmakers opposing Electoral College voting after the riots.


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