Paulo Costa accepts the suspension of the USADA, receives fines for IV use

UFC middleweight contender Paulo Costa received prohibited intravenous infusions in June 2017 and November 2017, resulting in a six-month suspension by the US Agency Against Doping (USADA).

USADA issued a press release today with details of Costa's case (12-0 MMA, 4-0 UFC). He received an IV of more than 100 ml during a 12-hour period after gaining weight for his fight against Oluwale Bamgbose at UFC 212. The same situation occurred after he had gained weight for his UFC 217 fight with Johny Hendricks in November 2017 .

Costa did not receive a therapeutic use exemption for the IV, which included allowed saline substances and a medication for the stomach, and because of that, the case was filed against him.

In addition to the sanction against the unbeaten fighter, his member of "athlete support staff" Carlos Costa has been granted a six-month suspension for administering the non-approved IV.

The suspensions began on August 10, 2018 and expired on February 10. According to the USADA, "both sanctions were reduced based on the substantial badistance provided by the Coasts".

The financial sanctions of the commissions supervised by UFC 212 and UFC 217, which USADA described in its press release, also occurred:

The use of a prohibited method by Paulo Costa on June 2, 2017 is also under the jurisdiction of the Comissão Atlética Brasileira de MMA (CABMMA), which has recognized the sanction of the USADA and will also fine $ 4,000 (1 / 3 of the UFC 212 bag), all of which will revert to his opponent at UFC 212. In addition, the New York State Sports Commission resolved the case of Paulo Costa as of November 3, 2017, IV, without period of ineligibility and a fine of $ 9,333.33 (1/3 of the UFC Purse 217). None of the commissions will impose additional sanctions on Carlos Costa.

With the situation resolved, Costa is currently pointing to a fight with Yoel Romero for his return to the octagon. He has been scheduled to fight the former UFC title challenger on more than one occasion in the past five months, but each time he does not materialize.

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