Paul Rudd’s Face Mask PSA is a Delight

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“Masks! They are completely animals!”

Me: I hate when stuff is, like, clearly geared toward a certain generation. Not me That Predictable, you know. I am a mystery, a mystery!

Me too: * Face Mask for Millennium sees Paul Rudd in PSA and instantly loves him. *

Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

Together with paul First we treat For the new video, and it is honestly a pleasure:

& Amp; Now an important announcement from friend Paul Rudd of #HotOnes! Wear a MASK & amp; Watch till the end for a special cameo. Who would understand

There is a reference to Paul being 24, because who knows at this point:

We have a lot of hip slang for fellow youth, such as “hat,” “fame,” and “beast.”

And there is also a previous reference to Paul’s first banquet with us – his extreme memory Hot onion case.

But in fact, it has the important message at its heart that wearing a face mask can help keep people safe.

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