Paul Rudd urges Millennials to wear masks to the hilarious Coronavirus PSA

Paul Rudd organized a comedic skit aimed at millennials to wear masks amid the coronovirus epidemic.

Public Service Announcement (PSA), sponsored by the New York Government. Andrew Kyomo, used references to pop culture and used lingo aimed at younger audiences to get the point across.

The 51-year-old Rudd wore a hoodie and sweater and reached around his neck with a pair of headphones and tied a hat to the side. He also drove a skateboard.

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The “Ant Man” star introduced himself as an “actor and certified young man”.

Paul Rudd, 51, took on the personality of a millennium to deliver a public service announcement related to a coronovirus.
(NY State)

“Family, let’s talk real. Masks, they’re completely animals,” Rudd began.

He then revealed that he was recently on an iPhone interacting with his “homie” Gov. Cuomo. The actor added, “And he’s just talking about what we Millennials need to wear masks because – get it – apparently a lot of COVIDs have aired over our millennia.”

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“So Cuomoz asked me and he said, ‘Paul, you will help. What are you like 26?’ And I didn’t fix that, “Rudd said.

The “Clueless” actor continued: “We want to go to bars, we want to drink, hook up, do our totco. I get it. I’m not preaching to you like some celebrity Am. Ooh. It’s a convo. Where I talk, you shut up. Wear your mask.

Rudd then did a mock mockcock video. “Want a challenge?” He said regarding viral dance challenges on the app. “How to stop the epidemic challenge? what about that? What a challenge about saving grandma. ”

He then became serious and agitated, “Just put on a mask. It’s simple, please. It’s not hard. People are dying! Thousands are dying, and it’s stopping.”

“I shouldn’t make it funny. It’s science!” The actor said about the PSA.

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Rude ended the video by saying, “We have forgotten the virus.” In slang, yate means to throw something away at high speed.

Paul Rudd told millennials,

Paul Rudd told millennials, “We will remove this virus.”
(NY State)

Cuomo has portrayed a number of high-profile celebrities in Coronovirus-related PSAs, including Robert De Niro, Chris Rock and Ben Stiller.

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The New York governor said in a statement to USA Today, “This nation is still reeling from the COVID-19 epidemic and the youth are not immune to it.” “We all need to do our part and wear a mask. Thanks to Paul Rudd for helping us spread this important message and reach young people like him. “