Paul Pierce makes ridiculous statements about Miami Heat and their playoff run

The Miami Heat recently scored the largest offset score in memory, sending the Milwaukee Bucks to five matches in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

In doing so, Miami has got many observers to believe its chances of reaching the NBA Finals.

However, former Boston Celtics star Paul Pearce is not one of them. He feels that the Heat has not yet been “tested”.

Such a statement from Pearce seems odd, as Buck finished with the best record in the NBA run by GBAnis Antetokounmpo, Defensive Player of the Year and presumed MVP.

Entetoconampo sprained his ankle in Game 3, brought it back in Game 4 and missed Game 5, but the Heat had already clearly proved that they were the better team.

Miami overcame a double-digit deficit to claim Game 1, then win a nail-beater in Game 2 to win the series 2–0.

Perhaps Pearce is trying to stick to his old team, as the Celtics will face Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals if they win Game 7 against the Toronto Raptors on Friday.

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