Patty Jenkins first described “War” with WB on Wonder Woman

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When Patty Jenkins was appointed as the first director in place of Michelle McLaren Amazing woman The film, by most people, naturally assumed that it was coming afresh. But the reality is that Jenkins already had The project has a long history with He gives details on a recent episode Mark Maran’s Wtf Podcast. Jenner’s relationship with Warner Bros. and Amazing woman A few years after her directorial debut, by 2007, Demon. “Everyone in the industry wanted to give me a job,” says Jenkins.. “But I thought they wanted to keep me like a beard; He wanted me to roam the set as a female director, but it was her story and her vision, “and she says,” Disbelief A different way of doing things and a different approach. “

After turning Amazing woman Due to her pregnancy in 2007, Jenkins returned to the project in 2011, but left creative differences with the studio, which then hired McLaren. “When i first joined Amazing woman, “Jenkins recalls,”It was like, ‘Uh, yeah, okay, but let’s do it the other way.’ But I was like, ‘Women don’t want to see that. To be rude and tough and behead people … I’m one Amazing woman Fans, that’s not what we’re looking for. ‘Still, I could feel that volatile nervousness [on their part] On my point

When things didn’t happen to McLaren, either, Warner Bros. made a comeback at Jenkins. “He came to me after a year and said, ‘Do you want to do it in your own way?“, She says, “And boom, I just went and made the film.” Although the end result was a huge blockbuster success that helped the thick-headed studio execute, given that women are biologically capable of directing good films about superheroes, Jenkins indicates that Warner Bros. There was still a fight together, which went through something like 30. Script until that time. During that time period, there were a lot of scripts-Because I could see the writing on the wall, ”Jenkins says. “What about internal war at every level Amazing woman Should be. “Jenkins’ relationship with WB seems to have undergone a significant change since then: the filmmaker was asked to return to the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, Which released in theaters and HBO Max this past Christmas. Despite mixed reviews and Jenkins’ uncertainty in the press Moderator A third film, W.B. Officially announced his return Within 48 hours The beginning of the sequel.


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