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Patriots & Tom Brady wears Beats headphones in new ad

Technically incorrect it offers a slightly twisted vision of the technology that our lives have taken.


Can not hear you.

Beats / YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk / CNET

I imagine that many who are not fans of the New England Patriots will oppose Tom Brady and his henchmen during Sunday's AFC championship game.

Somehow, the slight presumption and distant attitude of the field marshal and his infernal inclination to good luck (Revelation: fan of Los Angeles Chargers): move fanatics to the roots of their opponents.

The Apple Beats are not among them.

To coincide with the great game, he has just released a small tribute to the approach of Brady and Beats & # 39; paper in it.

Brady sits down. Brady uses his headphones. Brady closes your complaints. He is Tom Brady, you are not.

"Doubt about me Distract me, give me noise, for all I hear is, it's recovery time," the dramatic voiceover intones.

It is not entirely clear to what Brady needs to pay back the investment. After all, his Patriots won the Super Bowl last year.

They are favored to do it again.

Unfortunately, one thing that the ad does not show is your right hand.

He can be an expert in closing the world with his Beats broadcasting "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes, apparently Brady's favorite song to, um, get in his area, but can he catch the ball?

It is said that his throwing hand was opened during practice. He wore gloves for a press conference and refused to answer questions about the hand.

Could it be that he is seriously injured? Or could it be that everything is a ruse to instill complacency to his upstart opponents, the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Me, I'll be sitting on the couch, playing silently, cheering on the Jaguars and singing in a low voice, "I feel the change is coming," I feel the wind blowing, I feel brave and bold. "

Surely familiar with the "Weekend in New England" by Barry Manilow

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