Patriots fans are waiting for Jimmy Garrappolo to return

Many New England Patriots fans believe that Cam Newton’s era will end in two weeks, and others hope that it could lead to Jimmy Garapolo’s return this offseason.

Those people May Tuesday has received positive growth, and for two different reasons.

First, the San Francisco 49ers revealed that they are not very confident at Garoppolo to play again this season. The 49ers quarterback, as you may recall, landed on injured reserve in November after a high ankle sprain. San Francisco will not make the playoffs, and their season will inevitably end in two weeks. Evolution can only make the 49ers realize that there is no value in withdrawing Garapolo for two meaningless games.

But it could mean something else and perhaps their second step also shows the same.

The 49ers went out and signed first-round quarterback Josh Rosen of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers practice squad.

Maybe it means nothing. The signature may have actually occurred as one San Francisco QB tested positive for COVID-19 and another suffered a Week 15 injury. Or maybe it is more than that.

Rosen, you may remember, has started his professional career to a large extent. He was drafted No. 10 overall in 2018 by the Cardinals, but was traded a year later as Arizona landed the No. 1 pick (Kylar Murray) in 2019. Rosen then spent his second season in Miami, but was followed by the odd man the Dolphins fielded first-rounder Tua Tagovelloa in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The UCLA product is just 23 years old and if it lands in the right condition, it could prove to be a franchise QB. Can this happen in San Francisco? This presents an interesting possibility, especially with Rosen now directed by offensive-minded coach Kyle Shanahan.

Well, how does this affect any of the Patriots?

If Shanahan likes everything he sees from Rosen, he might make Garappolo expensive. After all, there are already rumors about Garapolo’s future in San Francisco, and familiarity with New England sparks clear speculation.

Again, the Patriots have clearly unresolved problems when they come to the quarterback position.

Can newton come back? Sure. Could Jarrett Stidham be the next guy? Maybe. But can Garrappolo return to New England?

It is not crazy to think of all this. And Tuesday shows some specific aspects.

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