Patrick Reed denied cheating at Farmers Insurance Open

Patrick Reid is at it again. Or at least a lot of golf fans think he’s on it again.

Everyone’s favorite golfer for the hatred faced another controversy at the Farmers Insurance Open on Saturday after a rule dispute led to allegations that Reid had cheated by picking up a ball he claimed was embedded.

The long sequence of events on the 10th hole at Torrey Pines basically went like this: Reid hit the ball from a bunker. The ball rotates to the left of the green color and Jumps once Before getting into some rough rough. Reid comes to the ball and asks for a volunteer when it bounces. The volunteer says, “No, I didn’t see it bounce.” Reid announces that he is going to check the ball and picks it up. Reid lays it down and states the rules as official. Reid lays down rules that the ball did not bounce and asks him to assess it if the ball breaks. The rule officially breaks the ball and grants Reed an embedded ball relief. Reid goes up and down for an equalizer with a better lie.

Here’s the shot (and bounce):

And here is after:

So, where did Reid go (or what) was wrong in all of that?

At first, many golf fans, as well as CBS analysts, were skeptical that a ball might be embedded once it bounced. Reed’s ball bounces just a few feet in the air, so physics questions abound here.

Second, Reed’s order of operations – picking up the ball, calling the rules official, telling him it was not a bounce – was certainly the eye of a man who turned a bad lie into an embedded ball ruling. Was trying The rounds on Saturday were being played with a favorite lie due to recent rains, but this does not apply to rough balls.

Patrick Reid defends embedded ball claim

Patrick Reid only. (Photo by Ben Jared / PGA Tour via Getty Image)

After the round, Reid defended his actions in interviews Cbs And Golf channel, Claiming that he did not see Ball Land or bounce and reiterated that he was told by the volunteer that the ball did not bounce.

“We can’t see everything when we’re out there,” Reid told CBS. “When this happens, you have to go according to what the volunteers say, the officers of the rule say. When everyone is pushed and pushed, we feel that we have done the right thing and the rules official said that we have done it perfectly. With that being said, we went ahead and just kept playing. “

However, speaking to Golf Channel, Reid said that “the ball bounced” and said that it is “literally impossible” to embed the ball onto the bounce.

Some golfers were not amused seeing the situation play out Reid’s contestant Michael Gellerman And Marina Alex of LPGA.

PGA rules agree with Patrick Reid

While many called for Reid to be punished, one man in Reid’s favor was PGA Rules official Ken Tackett. in An interview with Jim Nantz of CBS, Tackett said he believed Reid worked appropriately on the 10th hole.

“He went through this process,” Tackett said. “Everyone felt the ball disappeared from the shot, the volunteer said it was not a bounce, he checked to see if it was embedded, he called an officer … he did all the things we Ask a player to do it. It’s hard, you make a second guess when watching a video. Soft position, there are too many variables.

“We are fine with the outcome of the situation.”

Reid gets zero benefit of the doubt

This type of dispute only happens with Reid these days, for obvious reasons. Allegations of cheating followed Reid since his college days, and came to a head when Reid was caught cheating at the 2019 Hero World Challenge. Not to help matters was when his prisoners – and brothers-in-law – got into a dispute with an audience at the President’s Cup in the wake of the allegations.

Even if Reid really believed that the ball did not bounce, asked everyone to be available for double check and saw that a ball was improperly grounded, for some to believe. Hard that he made only one honest mistake. And if Reid saw the ball bouncing, you would wonder why he would not take the penalty, saying that he could not bounce the ball.

Reid’s rest of the round also did not do well, as he went from a four-stroke lead to the No. 9 four bogeys after the 10th hole, and sat in a 10-under par with Carlos Ortiz in the third round. End of.

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