Patrick Moran is in Shakeup of Disney TV studios, Jonnie Davis is named President of ABC Studios, Carolyn Cassidy Elevated in 20th TV, Josh Sussman replaces Howard Davine

Four months after the acquisition of Fox's $ 71.3 billion key badets was completed, changes will be made to the combined television production operation Disney Television Studios.

They leave the president of ABC Studios, Patrick Moran, and the executive vice president of operations, Howard Davine, of the study. They will be replaced by two senior executives of 20th Century Fox TV, Jonnie Davis and Josh Sussman. The 20th president of Creative TV Davis has been named president of ABC Studios. The 20th Vice President of TV, Business Affairs Sussman has been promoted to EVP, Business Affairs, ABC Studios, where he will work for Davis.

On 20th Century Fox TV, studio veteran Carolyn Cbadidy, recently EVP, Current Series, will succeed Davis. She has been promoted to President, Creative Affairs, to lead that study with Howard Kurtzman, who continues as president of Commercial Operations. Terence Carter continues as the EVP development of 20th TV.

Davis, Cbadidy and Kurtzman inform Craig Hunegs, president of Disney Television Studios. Bert Salke continues as president, Fox 21 Television Studios, which also reports to Hunegs. (You can read the internal Hunegs memo on the changes, obtained on the Deadline, below)

The restructuring at Disney TV Studios continues the trend of Fox TV executives to badume the key leadership positions at Disney-Fox, which began the previous merger with the appointments of Peter Rice as President of Walt Disney Television and Co-President of Disney Media Networks . and Dana Walden as president, Disney Television Studios and ABC Entertainment, as well as the entire 20th TV / Fox 21 executive team on the move. The elevation of Davis is not surprising since he has long been one of Walden's most trusted lieutenants and a rising star on the 20th television.

"Jonnie is a great leader with infectious energy and optimism, as well as an incredible partner for our creators. "Together with Josh, a talented business strategist, Jonnie is about to take ABC Studios to even greater levels of success," Hunegs said.

Moran, who came to ABC studios since 20th TV, leaves after a period of nine years, most recently as President. With him at the helm, the studio expanded its operation with the launch of the ABC Signature cable / transmission division and added a non-hyphenated division. It is said that Moran, a veteran programming executive, is attracting interest in new opportunities.

Davine is also an industry veteran who comes from a long tenure at ABC Studios, where he is credited with developing new templates according to the evolving television business.

"I have enormous respect for Patrick and Howard and for all they have achieved in their careers at ABC Studios," said Hunegs. "Patrick has developed and supervised many important series and has an excellent list of new shows."

At Davine, Hunegs, who also has experience in business affairs, said: "I have known Howard for many years and he is one of the most successful and effective business executives in our industry, after having made a series of agreements. Innovators, an excellent business. "

Cbadidy has directed 20th TV's current series department since July 2015, which has helped grow successes such as This is Us, Empire, 9-1-1 Y Modern Family. He joined 20th TV in 2009 as VP, Comedy Series and developed New Girl, Fresh Off the Boat and Last Man Standing.

"Carolyn is an absolute and creative executive with extraordinary leadership skills, a deep understanding of the studio and excellent relationships with our creators and with the entire company," said Hunegs. "We are delighted that Howard continues at his side, as together they form a formidable team."

Davis joined 20th TV in January 2008 as senior vice president of comedy development and quickly became executive vice president of comedy. He served as Executive Vice President, Comedy and Animation Development, before being named President of Creative Affairs, along with Commercial Operations President Howard Kurtzman. He helped develop commercial and critical successes. We are and Modern family and strong artists. New girl, fresh out of the boat, last man on earth Y Last man standing. He also supervised the recent expansion of the studio to the development of animations, which includes the next Bless the Harts, Duncanville, Solar Opposites Y Central Park.

Sussman has served as Senior Vice President of Business Affairs at 20th TV since 2016. Prior to joining the studio, he was Executive Vice President, Business Affairs and General Counsel of Electus.

While the Disney-Fox movie group was affected by a series of high-level outings, layoffs and the closing of the Fox 2000 division, outside of television distribution and ad sales, Disney's merged operations Fox TV had been saved so far, and Hunigs had publicly said that the plan is to maintain the existing units of Disney TV Studios – 20th TV, Fox 21 and ABC Studios / ABC Signature – stand-alone.

Increasing the production of television content is key to Disney's strategy of making its direct consumer platform a rival to Netflix, so no major layoffs were expected in television production, but Walden was expected to put his stamp on the leadership of ABC Studios. . She has a close personal relationship with Moran, which is part of her inner social circle.

The notable departures of television executives immediately following the Disney-Fox agreement in March were Mark Kaner, president of 20th Century Fox Television Distribution, Greg Meidel, president of the syndication division Twentieth Television.
One month after, there is a second round of layoffs that affect television ad sales executives in New York, which affect the executives of the former Fox Networks Group, including the EVP Michael Teicher.

Here is the Hunigs note:

Dear colleagues,

Shortly we will announce the change of leadership at ABC Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Television.

Jonnie Davis, who has done a fantastic job leading the creative team in 20, is moving to ABC Studios as President, effective immediately. Josh Sussman, a talented and creative creator of deals, will also move from 20th to ABC Studios as Executive Vice President of Business Affairs, reporting to Jonnie.

At 20th Century Fox Television, we are pleased to announce that Carolyn Cbadidy has been promoted to President of Creative Affairs. He will lead the study together with Howard Kurtzman, president of commercial operations. They are exceptional leaders.

Patrick Moran and Howard Davine will leave their current roles and I have a huge respect for all they have achieved in their careers at ABC Studios. Patrick has developed and supervised many important series and has an excellent list of new shows. I have known Howard for many years and he is one of the most successful and effective business executives in our industry, since he has made a series of innovative agreements and has carried out an excellent business. Together, they have brought to ABC Studios a wonderful group of writers, producers and executives and have made a lasting contribution to The Walt Disney Company.

Since the launch of Disney Television Studios just over 100 days ago, Dana and I work with you to make our studios a home for the most talented people, to create the most attractive and entertaining television. In our early days, DTS has added new promising shows, has continued to award prizes and brought to our studio even more of the best creators. We thank everyone for their excellent work and for creating a new spirit of collaboration.

I know that change can be difficult in the short term. Dana and I will do our best to communicate with you often, with transparency and clarity. We promise that the next few years will be filled with the creation of a great television, with great people, who will have a lot of fun along the way. The best is, undoubtedly, still.



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