Patrick Mahomes says that the mysterious green liquid Tirik Hill was fed pickle juice on the shore

Kansas City Chief Receiver Tyrik Hill raised eyebrows on Sunday when he was seen drinking a mysterious green and yellow liquid during a win against the New Orleans Saints.

It was revealed that nondiscript liquid Hill was pickle juice, Patrick Mahomes told 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City on Monday.

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Mahomes said, “The pickle of ol was jus, man.” “You know, he was cramping a little, so you would give him pickle juice to bring him back to the ‘cheetah’, ‘You know what I mean?”

Mahomes said that pickle juice is meant to prevent cramps.

Mahomes said, “Pickle juice usually occurs first, as you try to protect from cramps.” “I don’t know … I might have to do with sodium, I guess. They try to keep you from cramping. I think they had … full cramps already, so they get full. Had to use ivy. “

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Mahomes admitted that he drank pickle juice in high school.

WebMD states that consuming pickle juice is one way of preventing spasms.

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“Some athletes swear by pickle juice as a fast way to prevent muscle spasms. They believe it is effective due to the high water and sodium content. But this may not be the case. While Pickle juice can help relieve muscle cramps quickly. ‘Cause you’re dehydrated or low on sodium. It’s more likely because pickle juice sets off a reaction in your nervous system that recent research has Prevents cramps accordingly. “

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