Patrick Mahomes of the majors may have twisted the nerve in the composition protocol entering the AFC Championship per report

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The entire NFL came to a scary halt when it happened. Former league MVP and reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes played down his right to his routine option against the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Divisional Round, hoping to gain a few yards for the first one yard. However, there was nothing routine about the outcome, as the heads of Kansas City saw the head of their half-billion-dollar investment walk on the grass – followed by a scary moment when Mahomes attempted and stood on his own. Failed

Apparently the Wuzi franchise quarterback was completely out and helped to the medical tent before heading to the locker room, where he ruled almost immediately for the remainder of the game. After the game, head coach Andy Reid made it clear that the Mahomes had passed the league’s concussion protocol, a good sign for their availability at No. 1.

“He got into the back of the head and the slight breeze killed him and everything else,” Reid said. “He’s doing very well right now, which is a real positive as we’ve looked at it. To pass all the deals that he wanted to pass, we’ll see where it goes from here.”

Mahomes took Twitter To add more optimism, Brown defenders told him to deal with foul play, while replying to linebacker Mac Mackson.

So if Mahomas passed all the findings tests, what exactly happened that prevented him from getting in line against Cleveland? It turns out that Mahomes easily passed the concession test because he allegedly never had it in the first place, and the real reason he was immediately fragile was reportedly killed due to a nerve in his neck, (or Possibly compressed) on hits, per K Carrington Harrison CBS Sports Radio In Kansas City.

That means, while there is great news about the state of his brain, he will still undergo tests this week on the affected nerve, to make sure he is allowed a green light against the Buffalo Bills in the AFC title game (here See what he says’ what would it take to be able to play). The Chiefs won in the absence of the Mahomes, thanks to the heroism of backup quarterback Chad Henne and the outlandishly provocative play-calling from offensive coordinator Eric Bynemi, but Kansas City will field the Mahomes to increase their chances. Closing the equally high-powered bill for the second consecutive trip to the Super Bowl.

It goes without saying that it is The headline to watch this week, as Reid confirmed on Monday, is that Mahomes is actually in the concentrating protocol this week, even if it does not fail either of those tests.

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