Patrick Mahomes, fiancee Brittany Matthews expecting a baby

This year is getting bigger for Patrick Mahomes.

The 25-year-old Kansas City leading quarterback ended the year by winning the Super Bowl and receiving the game’s MVP trophy.

In July, he signed a long-term contract extension with the chiefs, which could pay him more than $ 500 million.

The same day he received his Super Bowl ring in September, he celebrated by proposing to his longtime girlfriend Brittany Matthews.

His new season is on course for a landslide victory in a 3–0 match on Monday that will dominate AFC rival the Baltimore Ravens.

Patrick mahoms to be father

And from that victory comes the latest news that he is going to be a father. Matthews made the announcement on social media on Tuesday, with a photo by Mahomes and an ultrasound image of his pending arrival.

Details such as the infant’s due date and gender were not provided.

Mahomes and Matthew have been together since high school. He continued to date through his college years at Texas Tech, and is a fixture on his side during his meteoric rise to the top of the NFL.

And now, they are officially starting a family.

Soon to be married, Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews are having children. (Kyle Terada, USA Today Sports)

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