Patrick Mahomes comes in at number 4 on NFL top 100 list

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When sitting atop the NFL mountain, it can often be difficult to get inspiration. Chief quarterback Patrick Mahomes has found something for the NFL’s annual list of the NFL’s top 100 players.

Mahome landed at No. 4, behind Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (No. 1), Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson (No. 2), and Ramus defensive Aaron Donald (No. 3).

Mahomes Reported the result, Tweeting an emoji of a pencil and a notepad.

While he is clearly not the fourth best player in the league, the placement makes sense, given the mechanics of the process that produced the annual list. During the prewar season, a wide-ranging swath of players has been called to list the top 20 players in the NFL. During the 2019 season, Mahomes did not have a single season in 2018, thanks to the fact that he missed several games with a knee injury.

In fact, Jackson and Wilson did more jockeying for MVP votes in November and December, with Jackson emerging as an obvious choice when Rance dropped the No. 1 seed in the AFC by a 14–2 record. Jackson became the unanimous MVP, and a near-unanimous All-Pro quarterback.

But those nuances are easily lost on a list before the Mahomes prodded the majors for their first Super Bowl victory in 50 years and unveiled the opening of training camps. The end result is a small portion of Mahomes, and it will certainly give him a healthy kick in the butt when a kick in the butt would otherwise be difficult to find.

It’s not that Mahomes needed a kick in the butt, but his reaction proves that it can’t hurt because the Chiefs have tried to avoid the various dynamics that have led to a team repeat as Super Bowl champions Stopped since the Patriots won two in a row between 2003 and 2004.

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