Patient detected in Italy from COVID-19 strain found in Britain

A patient in Italy has been discovered to have been infected with a more infectious strain of recently discovered COVID-19 in the UK, the Italian Ministry of Health announced on Sunday.

The Health Ministry said that the patient and his partner returned to Italy from Britain in the last few days, which flew to Rome’s Fimicino Airport. The couple is currently in isolation, Reuters reported.

The contraction of a new strain patient comes to at least six countries as new strains have been reported by UK authorities, which appear to be more contagious.

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Italy and Netherlands Set up suspension on flights In the UK on Sunday, amid increasing cases in the country and the discovery of more communicated tension.

Italy banned anyone from entering Britain in the last 14 days, The Associated Press reported Sunday.

But former surgeon general Vivek MurthyVivek MurtiDivis Preview Shows: Rolls Out First Dose of American Coronovirus Vaccine; Asian MPs close to congress on stimulus deal set sightseeing on Biden’s Labor Secretary Pik Manchin, Bipartisan Coronovirus Relief Bill to be unveiled, Who has been nominated to withdraw the post under President-Elect Joe BidenJoe Bidencheck urges Biden to select Latino for the Head Education Department, SBA: Louisiana Representative. Hospitalized as a precaution for COVID-19 infection, Biden and Netanyahu can focus on US-Israeli nutrition.Told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Britain’s new discoveries don’t see the tension as fatal.

“Although it appears more communicable, we do not have evidence that it is a more lethal virus to someone who receives it,” he said, adding that there is no evidence that coronovirus K vaccines will be less effective with this strain.

According to the data, Italy reported about 2 million cases and 68,799 deaths due to the coronovirus epidemic earlier this year. Johns Hopkins University.

The UK has documented over 2 million cases and 67,503 deaths, the sixth highest number of cases and deaths of any country.


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