Path Of Exile: Legion allows you to beat the afterlife

The domain of Timeless Conflict, Central Replica or Route of the next free update of the Legion of Exile, is not quite life after the Viking's death, but it is close enough to be invading and looting. It will arrive at the free action RPG of Grinding Gear Games on June 7 and replaces the current (and controversial) synthesis league. Legion adds a new quarterly source of booty and experience to the world, and permanently updates the game's melee. This is on top of the usual stack of new skill gems, unique objects and a new balance to make the monsters of the first games once more terrifying. See the trailer below.

The next League of the Legion, which will last about three months, is divided into two halves. You can immerse yourself at your own pace while you're cheering, and a significantly more advanced page for the endgame players. As you move through the usual story areas, you will find crystal monoliths. Tap them and temporarily enter the Timeless Conflict Domain, where you can see if Wraeclast is frozen in time. By hitting these frozen soldiers (and the treasure chests they protect), they will take you with you when the time is up, and you will have to fight against everything you labeled.

There is a bit of risk / reward balance for this system. It is possible that you bring too many additional enemies with you, which results in you being trampled on in a fight for which you are not prepared, but it is your fault if you do it. Similarly, if you aim too low, you can only get a misery as a reward. Many players in the synthetic league (currently running) became too delicate to deal with comfortably, and forced players to accelerate through areas they would prefer to take slowly. The goal of Legion is to address and allow players to choose the intensity of their secondary mission without too much trouble.

Once you reach the end, you can invade the Domain of Timeless Conflict by directly killing enough soldiers from different historical armies to put together a complete emblem of the army. You can use the final game map device to bademble between two to four emblems (or five after an update), and shoot down up to five complete armies simultaneously. Obviously, this has the potential to be very hard, but it is also a great source of loot. It must also have an absolutely spectacular appearance and leave you at the height of the corpses. Also, technically you're killing the dead, so there's no reason to feel bad?

A frozen army, waiting to be thawed. Ding when you plunder.

The next revision of the body to body, a permanent change, is a big problem. Hopefully it will be so satisfying to hit people with hammers as to make them rain fire. Melee attacks will reach multiple nearby targets and will be more responsive, allowing players to cancel attack animations both at their beginning and end. Movement skills are now activated instantly. This means that you are much more mobile and able to physically dodge approaching attacks instead of just loading everything with your face. It should also be easier with the mouse, since holding down the attack will automatically change the targets once one is dead.

To balance these sweeping benefits, the milling teams have regressed and given the previous enemies of the game a work of dark vague inspiration inspired by the souls (their words). The attacks are now much more difficult, but they are telegraphed more, which gives you the opportunity to dodge the way. Maybe it's not as cool as the dodge button Diablo 3 has on the consoles, but it's you. Beyond that, the attack animations have been overlooked and still move smoothly when the speed of your attack pbades through the ceiling. They have also eliminated the 95% accuracy limit, making it possible (with sufficiently high skill) to avoid critical failures.

The new berserker archetype, spinning to win.

Some of the new booties and skills that come in this update seem fun. There are two new "archetypes" (suggested constructions) for which Grinding Gear is adding new skill gems to: The Blood and Sand Gladiator and the Berserker of Rabies. The first one has attacks that change between two postures with different properties, while laughter acquires greater benefits as long as you can maintain a simple killing combo. Among the new unique elements is Aunkuna's Will, a pair of gloves that allow you to summon zombies without the need for corpses on the ground. Better yet, they count. as Bodies compatible with spells like Detonate Dead. My brain bites the possibilities only of that item.

The Legion update is launched on June 7. You can see his official page here with more details, and the full notes of the patch will come later. Path Of Exile is a free game, available directly or through Steam, and apart from the expansions of hiding between characters, all you can spend on money is cosmetic.

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