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Lufthansa is cracking down on airline pbadengers to get cheaper fares, with a demand that attracts the attention of the practice. Airlines are of great importance in non-stop flights, and "omitted" pbadengers take advantage of this practice by booking flights with a stopover and then skipping the last stage of the flight. The German airline is suing a pbadenger who booked a Seattle-Frankfurt-Oslo flight, then saved money by skipping the last leg of the flight and taking another flight to its real destination, Berlin, CNN reports. Lufthansa, which is seeking compensation of $ 2,385, says the pbadenger violated the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions of some airlines indicate that pbadengers who purchase a ticket have agreed to complete their trips. the Telegraph It informs that there are some ways in which the strategy, also known as the "hidden city" that flies, can be counterproductive. If the pbadengers lose the First part of the flight, the entire trip is canceled, and, unless you are limited to carry only hand luggage, your luggage will go to the wrong city. The Lufthansa pbadenger case was dismissed by a court in Berlin last year, but a spokesman for the airline tells CNN that the company has decided to appeal. (United Airlines sued a website that took advantage of the trick in 2014, but the case was dismissed the following year).

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