Party Over for Disco Ball, Grammy winner appears as musician and TV star

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We are still not over The mask singer. In fact, we’re repeating Sun’s performances over and over again as he won and appeared in the season 4 finale as LeAnn Rimes. But the transition to its spin-off event The masked dancer Wasn’t so bad, because we basically saw the same face TMS (Which will be back in 2021).

Ken Jeong, who is actually Fox’s mascot, returned to his familiar spot with the panelists at this point TMS Season 4’s Giraffe, aka Brian Austin Green. Shin was hosted by Craig Robinson, a guest panelist on the show’s “Another Mother to Brother”. Really only new additions hidden The expanded television universe was Paula Abdul and Ashley Tisdale, who joined Jong and Green as panelists.

Be familiar with the structure of this nine-episode program TMS Watchmen – 10 masked contestants compete in two groups, until they are down for the Super Six and eventually three finalists. The major difference in the show – apart from dancing – is that there are more opportunities for contestants to reveal clues. There are clues in the clue package and choreography, plus the panelists get to hear a word from the dancers’ actual voices and ask them questions.

Before we get into the repetition, I should know that I know very little about dance terminology, so you might be reading a lot “she did her thing” and “she definitely busted a trick, Because I hardly know what exactly “this kind of action knocks anyone.”

Anyway, tonight we met the contestants of Group A: Hammerhead, Tulip, Cricket, Disco Ball and Exotic Bird. The very ripped shark danced to the Backstreet Boys “Everybody” and then we heard his real voice. It threw me because he’s built like one Jersey Shore Guido but his voice was someone’s. The situation was probably thrown into a locker back in high school.

While we don’t know who he is, “we all DO you know Hammerhead named it, ”Robinson said, taking a page from the Nick Cannon School of Hosting.

Then, the dance for Fergie’s “Fergusius” was the tulip, looking younger than the “OK Blomer” in the Clu package, stepping straight out of a Ticktock dance challenge, and even the Ticktock emblem with his hands / petals Made on stage. One of the contestants to beat Tulip would be, as did his grace and energy, not to mention expert tap dancing, making it clear that he is no stranger to the dance floor.

In third place was cricket, which performed a disco ball after Pointer Sisters’ “Jump for My Love,” as he was so excited for Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk.” The latter was a bit harsh, but due to the aggressive positivity of the panelists, you might have felt that he was doing Olympic-worthy back handsing. And you thought the judges were also very good The mask singer!

Finally, the alien bird danced (heels, no less) in the “Con Kalma – Remix” by Daddy Yankee, Katy Perry and Snow.

The first contestant to be eliminated was … Disco Ball!

Green speculates that he is LL Cool J, Jeong said that Smokey Robinson, Abdul said Wing Rums, and Tisdale predicted he was Lionel Richie.

Disco Ball was uncensored and the rapper and actor posed as Ice-T!

Pointing clues Law and Order: SVU The star also includes stating that he was ready to “serve and protect” as well as showing a shark fin in his context SVU The character Odafin “Finn” Tutuala, saying that he wanted to show his “true colors” (the rapper has a song from the 1988 film of the same name called “Colors”), his word up clue “Grammy” (he There is one win) and three nominations), and his name was virtually in the clue package when he showed a pot of ice tea!

Ice-T told EW in her exit interview that she had only two hours to learn the choreography, and that she only had to worry when it came time to perform the mask. “I threw all the choreography out the window. I said that I don’t want to hit my ass on national television that way. It would be a nightmare.”

The masked dancer Will introduce us to Group B’s Sloth, Ice Cube, Zebra, Cotton Candy and Miss Moth on Wednesday January 6 and will continue to move on the same day.

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