Parschel away from Trump campaign for refusing physical abuse of wife

Parscale, 44, was demoted as campaign manager in July as the numbers plummeted during the presidential election. One of Trump’s closest allies, Parsley remained on a reunion effort in a limited capacity: he traveled from his home in Florida to the campaign’s Arlington, Va., Headquarters and worked on digital projects at headquarters, including Republican National Making videos for the convention is also included.

“I am away from any role in the campaign to stay away from my family and focus on my family and get help in coping with heavy stress,” Parschel said in Wednesday’s statement.

According to a statement given to police, Candice Parsley ran to her Fort Lauderdale waterfront home after seeing her husband’s cocks in hand. Police reports and video footage depict a chaotic situation, with Candice Parsley telling law enforcement that her husband was “sabotage and sabotage.”

Police arrived at the home after real estate agent Terry Bethal called, who spotted Candice’s parcel showing a house nearby. Two people in Bethal’s car, while 41-year-old Parscale, told a 911 dispatcher that she had initially heard a loud voice and thought her husband might have shot himself.

In police reports and on the call, Candice Parsley stated that her husband was making suicidal remarks and was suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder. Police also said they spot “laced size contros” on Candice Parskell’s arms, cheeks and forehead.

The police eventually drove Parscale out of her house. Body camera footage released by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department shows a 6-foot-8-inch parkscale – shirtless and holding a beer can – by law enforcement. After the officers handcuffed him, Parsley repeatedly told him, “I did nothing.”

The Trump aide was detained under the Baker Act, which allows people who are perceived to be unintentionally a threat to themselves or others.

After serving as digital director on Trump’s 2016 campaign, Parsley helped lead the Trump supporter Super PAC. In 2018 he was named campaign manager for the reunion effort. A trusted confidant of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, he developed a close relationship with the president and his family.

“We only hope for the best for Brad and his family,” Trump campaign spokesman Tim Muerto said.

While Candice Parskell said in her Wednesday statement that her husband did not kill her, police say she told them otherwise. Steven Smith, a member of the SWAT team who responded to the residence, stated in his report that “when I asked how he was getting the crackling candle?” [sic] Parscale said that Brad Parsley kills him. “

Another officer, Timothy Scaggs, said he identified injuries to Candice Parscale’s weapons. Skeggs said she told him that “something happened a few days ago during a physical change with Bradley that she did not report.”

In the 911 call, Bethal can also be heard asking Candice Parskell about the markings. “Are they hurt?” Oh no. Did he do that? Oh God, your arm. Is he hurting you? ”

Parsley did not respond.

A Florida judge on Tuesday granted Fort Lauderdale police the authority to seize all guns and ammunition from Parscale, which had a final hearing in October. In its court request to carry the guns, the police said that “further investigation showed that Mr Parscale’s drinking and violent behavior had increased, as he was demoted to his employment”.

Parascales has told People that they are suffering from an ongoing crisis in 2016 over the loss of their twins, both of whom died prematurely. He has also complained about the investigation surrounding Parskell’s tenure as campaign manager.

The couple said in a joint statement on Wednesday, “We thank our family for everyone’s thoughts and support in this difficult time and we eagerly await all the facts emerging.”

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