Parler says he alerted the FBI to threats ahead of Capitol riots

Parler pointed to material posted on his platform to the FBI in the run-up to the violent uprising on Capitol Hill in January, the conservative social network said in a letter to a lawmaker.

In the letter dated Thursday to the chair of the House Oversight Committee Carolyn maloneyCarolyn Maloney Pelosi, White House Recognizes Equal Pay Day Robinhood Files Confidentially for IPO Political Fireworks Drive DC Statehood Hearing MORE (DN.Y.), the platform’s lawyers said the company referred violent content to the agency more than 50 times.

Attorneys noted that some of those flagged messages included specific threats to the Capitol, where five people were killed during an attempt to prevent Congress from verifying President BidenJoe Biden Democrats see Georgia as an opening salvo in the war for voting rights MLB could move Georgia’s All-Star Game after controversial new voter restrictions Biden fires most advisory council members from DHS PLUSelectoral college victory.

“Far from being the far-right instigator and rogue company that Big Tech has portrayed as Parler, the facts conclusively demonstrate that Parler has been a responsible and law-abiding company focused on ensuring that there is only free and legal speech. on your platform, ”the attorneys wrote.

The letter includes a screenshot of what appears to be an email correspondence between Parler and the FBI.

An FBI spokesperson declined to comment.

Parler, who has presented himself as an alternative free speech platform to Facebook and Twitter, has been criticized for being riddled with content about the assault on Congress before January 6.

Shortly after the attack, it was blocked in the Apple and Google app stores and subsequently removed by Amazon Web Services, functionally disconnecting the service.

The platform announced last month that it would be relaunched.

Parler had challenged Amazon for cutting off service in federal court, but dropped that challenge earlier this month before filing a new one in Washington state court with virtually the same allegations.

An Amazon spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the claims in Parler’s letter.

The letter was addressed to Maloney because he had previously demanded answers about the platform and had called for an FBI investigation into Parler’s role in the Capitol riots.

Rank Member of House Oversight James ComerJames (Jamie) R. Comer7 Reasons For A Time Out Of Taxpayer Funds To The US Postal Service DC Delegate: ‘Obstructionism Is In Its Final Stages’ Political fireworks fuel statehood hearing from DC MORE (R-Ky.) He said the new letter “totally discredits President Maloney’s claims as not only unfounded, but outrageous and totally fictitious,” in a statement Thursday, while calling for Twitter and Facebook to be investigated. Content about the riot was also present on those platforms.

A spokesman for Maloney did not immediately return a request for comment on Parler’s letter or Comer’s statement.


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