Parler CEO: Tech companies make coordinated plans to shut us down

According to the social media platform, the silence of conservative speech on social media has given rise to a “coordinated effort” with great synergy. CEO John Matzey.

“It was a coordinated attack by tech giants to kill competition in the market,” Matte’s statement read. “We also succeeded very fast.

“You can expect war to continue the competition and free speech, but don’t count us. #Speakfreely.”

Matt’s statement comes that Amazon is removing the platform from its webservers, which could take down conservative social media platforms for about a week.

“On Sunday midnight Amazon will shut down all our servers in an effort to completely remove free speech from the Internet,” he wrote. “There is a possibility that Parler will be unavailable on the Internet for a week as we rebuild from scratch.

“We made up for such events by relying on Amazon’s proprietary infrastructure and manufacturing bare metal products.”

Matt called on Amazon, Google and Apple to orchestrate a “coordinated effort”.

“We will do our best to move to a new provider, as we have many competitions for our business; however, Amazon, Google and Apple did so intentionally, as a coordinated effort to limit our options and knowing Will be followed. President Trump was banned from most tech companies. “

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