Parler CEO Hiding Amazing Flak, Death Threats

Photographer: Gabby Jones / Bloomberg

Chief Executive Officer Parler LLC says she has gone into hiding after receiving death threats.

The social media platform of John Matz Jr. had the new home of conservative supporters of Donald Trump, who lambasted it after the president’s ban on Twitter. But after Apple Inc., the parser went dark on Sunday and Google removed it from its App Store and Inc. pulled the plug on its web-hosting service citing violent content, which the e-commerce giant says played out in the Capitol riot on 6 January.

“Many Parler employees suffer from fear of harassment and hostility, their safety and their families, and in some cases have fled their home state to avoid harassment,” Matze’s lawyer said in the trial of Parler to Amazon Web Services to bring the platform back online. After receiving death threats and aggressive personal safety violations, Matt “had to go into hiding with his family.” The CEO did not specify the source of the threats, but his attorney said in a filing that Matt’s covert action was needed because he is “spotlighted as the company’s CEO.”

Matt’s move came after Amazon earlier this week, with its staff also saying Danger – by Parler users. “Both sides of the dispute have shown that their employees have faced actual harassment and threats – death threats, on both sides – due to the alleged nature of this litigation,” according to Parler’s filing, which previously ran Fox’s Was reported with the news.

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