Park police chief clarified that cleaning up Lafayette Square was tied to Trump’s church visit

Acting chief Gregory Monahan said the dispute began about an hour after trucks arrived near Fortified Fencing, which arrived near Lafayette Square after days of violent protests following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Soon after the group cleaned up, President Donald Trump walked through the area outside the park for a photo opportunity outside St. John’s Church.

“We did not clean the park for a photo op,” Monahan testified. “There was 100%, zero, no connection between our operation and the President’s visit to the church.”

Monahan said the Park Police’s operation was “completely focused around the cleanup of H Street and the northern end of Lafayette Park, to end the continuing level of violence that you saw in the last three days and again on June 1″ Was. ”

Adam D., a major in the DC National Guard. Marco will testify on Tuesday that he arrived at the scene several hours after the fencing work began. Monahan said DeMarco was “wrong.”

DeMarco hopes the narration of that evening’s violent performance by the Trump administration will be challenged.

Demarko said, “The protesters were behaving peacefully, exercising their First Amendment rights, hoping to clear that before the 7 pm ET curfew set by Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser. Demarco, who himself Described as an officer of the Senior National Guard, in 2018, he ran as a Democrat for Maryland’s third congressional district.

The operation was criticized by Democrats over the hearing as overly aggressive, while Republican members said “anarchists” and other agitators were in the crowd.

Monahan testified to the group throwing “projectiles” towards his officers, and some attempted to jump two lines of low fencing on 1 June in advance of the clearing. In the previous days, more than 50 park police officers were injured after “2×4 squares of bricks, rocks, caustic liquids, water bottles, burnt flies, fireworks and wood”.

Attorney General William Burr defended the use of force to remove the protesters, saying his decision to disperse the protesters indicated that the mob was “becoming increasingly uncontrolled.”

Monahan said that he had seen the Attorney General in the park that evening but there was no conversation between the two. (Monahan reports to the Interior Secretary instead of the Attorney General.)

Committee chairman Raul Brazalva, an Arizona Democrat, said he worried “was motivated by partisan hostility directed from above”.

Georgia Republican, Jodi Hais, said she hopes members of Congress can “look beyond the partisan realm” through which Democrats view the incident.

The strategy used to clear the protesters is also expected to come under scrutiny at the hearing, and is the subject of several investigations. Monahan has prohibited his officers from using tear gas, even after his spokesman, Sergeant. Eduardo Delgado said in an interview with the website Vox that “it was a mistake” to deprive the used dispersers of tear gas.


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