Paris Hilton says sex treatment leaks ‘brutal’ and ‘painful’ treatment with #MeToo today

Paris Hilton is opening up about the way she was treated after the infamous sex tape leaked in 2003, noting that it wouldn’t be possible – in the world of # MeToo.

The 39-year-old hotel successor and reality TV star spoke with Yahoo! When Entertainment turned to their 2003 scandal to promote their new YouTube original documentary series, “This Is Paris”.

When asked if the #MeToo movement did so, no other woman would face the same public climate today, Hilton concurred.


“100%. The way I was treated was so cruel and so painful,” she explained. “I am thankful today that women can be respected and they will not be treated like that. I am in that situation. Lucky was not the way people were, but at least now there is change. “

Paris Hilton believes that if she had the 2003 sex tape scandal today, she would have behaved differently.
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The outlet reports that the tape was recorded in 2001 with her then boyfriend Rick Salomon when she was 20 years old.

Although those times were difficult, Hilton explained that the incident gave her a thick skin and helped her navigate public life for the rest of her life.

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“I just haven’t noticed the negativity,” she told the outlet. “I think I came from hell and back.” What else can people say at this point? I cannot base my happiness on the opinions of other people, who are strangers whom I do not even know who are clearly not happy with their lives. “

Paris Hilton gives information about her previous sex tape scandal.

Paris Hilton gives information about her previous sex tape scandal.
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Just a few days after Starr’s statements revealed allegations of abuse, he said he suffered as a teenage student at Provo Canyon School (PSC) in Utah.

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“This is Paris,” Hilton has never heard before, including what he has allegedly heard about bullying, physical and mental abuse. Hilton alleged that she lived there for 11 months before leaving at the age of 18 in 1999.

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