Parents urge Steam to throw away the game & # 39; Active Shooter & # 39; at school | News and opinion

An upcoming game on Steam faces a public condemnation for allowing players to conduct a school shooting.

The game, called "Active Trigger," allows you to take on the role of the attacker or SWAT team member in various scenarios, one of which includes a school. As an attacker, you can shoot innocent civilians and police, or kill them with a knife or grenade.

Active Shooter is ready for release on June 7, but the parents of the school shooting victims are outraged and asked Steam to drop the game.

"This company must face the wrath of everyone who cares about school and public safety and must start immediately" tweeted Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jamie died in the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida this February.

In a tweet Ryan Petty, the father of another student killed in Parkland, called the game "despicable". US Senator Bill Nelson also weighed in and said that the developers of Active Shooter should be ashamed.

Despicable. Let @steam_games know games that represent "active shooters" scenarios in schools, where players shoot civilians, students and law enforcement are unacceptable.

– Ryan Petty (@rpetty) May 27, 2018

So far, the owner of Steam, Valve, has not commented on the controversy. But the developer behind Active Shooter, Acid, is considering leaving aside the school filming stage of the next title.

"Since this showcase of the games has been live, I have received accusations and strong criticism from people all over the world," said Acid. he wrote in a publication on Steam last week.

Acid, which appears to be based in Russia, said the game was originally intended to be a "SWAT simulator", but then decided to add more game elements, including the option to be the shooter or a civilian. Acid also noted that Steam offers many other violent games, some of which also involve the player killing innocent civilians.

However, the developer said: "After receiving such a lot of criticism and hatred, it is more likely to remove the paper shooters in this game by launch, unless you can maintain it as it is now."

The acid has not confirmed whether the school shooting scenario will be abandoned. But on Monday, he mentioned that a new mode of "Zombie survival" was coming to the game.

Meanwhile, concerned parents began an online petition on, demanding that Steam stop distributing the game. Until Tuesday, the petition had more than 105,000 signatures.

Earlier this year, Gizmodo reported that the US Army. UU And Department of Homeland Security had developed a simulation game designed to help teachers prepare for an active situation of the shooter. The program, known as Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment (EDGE), was initially developed for law enforcement fire departments and but was updated to include teacher training this year.


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