Parents say their 10-year-old daughter killed herself because of bullying


Ashawnty Davis, 10, died Wednesday after being removed from life support at a children's hospital, two weeks after she was found hanging in a closet in her home.

His parents said that Ashawnty was intimidated after a video of a fight was at her school in Aurora in October was posted on an application. Ashawnty confronted a girl who had already intimidated her, her mother said, and the fight was recorded on a cell phone and published in an app called

"She felt devastated when she discovered that she had come to her,," Latoshia Harris, mother of Ashawnty, told CNN affiliate KDVR. "My daughter came home two weeks later and hanged herself in the closet."

The Davis-Harris family has not returned CNN requests for comment.

A spokesperson for told CNN that the company learned of Ashawnty's death "through news reports."

"We are heartbroken to hear this, our hearts are with the Davis family in this unimaginably painful time," the company statement said.

Parents wanted the school to do more

If their parents are correct, Ashawnty is the latest victim of bullycide, which is bullying that leads to suicide. It has happened in several cases that involved teenagers in recent years.

Ashawnty parents say the Cherry Creek School District should have done more to stop the bullying that caused his death.

Abbe Smith, director of communications for the Cherry Creek School District, told CNN that students were discussed about the fight, the parents were called and the cell phone video was sent to the Aurora Police Department.

But Ashawnty's parents say that was inadequate.

"Nothing was done about it, when I got the call telling me that my daughter had been in a fight, I was never given the opportunity to meet with the other parents to get to the bottom of the line," Harris said.

If they could have had that meeting, their parents say, Ashawnty could still be alive today.

Smith said the school knew nothing about bullying.

the school did not receive complaints from students or parents that the student was being bullied, "Smith said." We do not tolerate any type of bullying in our schools and we have a comprehensive bullying prevention program in all of our schools for the grades. K-12. The safety and well-being of students is our highest priority and we strive every (day) to ensure that schools are safe, welcoming and supportive places that support learning. "

Smith also emphasized that the fight, while taking place on a school campus, did not happen during school hours.

The district described Ashawnty's death as" heartbreaking. "Smith said that counseling was provided students who needed it.

"We are very focused on supporting the students and the school community as they navigate this heartbreaking situation," Smith said. "This is a tragic loss that has shaken the entire school community. Our hearts and thoughts are with the family and everyone who knows the student. "

Ashawnty's mother said she wants to hold school administrators accountable for the bullying that occurs within their schools.

" With the last breath. In my life, I will make sure that the unfortunate children can comfortably go to school and learn, "said Davis.

Other cases [19659022] In January, Gabriel Taye, 8, hanged himself with a tie At his home in Cincinnati, after his death, a Cincinnati police homicide detective checked the security video at Gabriel's school a few days before the suicide and saw an incident in a bathroom. "and behavior that" could even rise to the level of criminal badault. "

Brandy Vela, aged eighteen, committed suicide in November 2016 after being relentlessly intimidated by her weight. in the chest of his room in front of his family. Vela had changed her phone number and reported harbadment to the police, but they told her they could not help her.
In 2010, nine teenagers in Mbadachusetts were charged for their involvement in what was described as a months-long bullying campaign that led to the suicide of Phoebe Prince, 15. They found her hanging on the stairs leading to her family's apartment on the second floor. Authorities said Phoebe had been subjected to verbal and physical abuse.
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