Paranoia and finger pointing as election approaches in Trumpworld

When Stephan took over as campaign manager in July, aides said, the reunion effort had no budget and was on track to break down. As for how much the campaign would grow from $ 200 million in October, Parscale brushed off saying it forced TV advertising to roll back. As a result, Trump has spent the last few hours of the day hosting fundraising events.

Parscale defenders say he is being unfairly tortured. He said that every spending decision, including Super Bowl advertising, was a sign-off from Trump’s top lieutenants, and sometimes the president himself. His online supporters say most of Parscale’s initial spending was devoted to finding new online donors.

The former campaign manager felt compelled to invest heavily in advertising in May and June as Trump’s poll numbers plummeted between the onset of the epidemic. With very little backup from the primary supporter Trump, America First Action, outside the group, Parschel felt the need to hit the airwaves. The plan, Parscale aides said, was the support of the president and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Parscale’s defenders also said Trump’s cash shortage is over. While Trump’s political system has $ 180 million less than Biden’s, it was higher than Trump’s four years ago and enough for the final stretch. And it was Trump’s idea that he would cast Biden as Senile, with the campaign leading him.

It is not just Parscale to be blamed for Trump’s prediction. Some Republican officials are also angry at Meadows about how he managed Trump’s hospitalization. The chief of staff outlined White House messaging when he told reporters that Trump “is still not on a clear path to full recovery.”

The statement triggered a damaging news cycle, forcing the administration to reassure the nation that Trump was in stable condition.

Authorities also blamed Meadows for reinforcing Trump. Amid complaints: that he may have tried to prevent Trump from giving practically unaffected access to Bob Woodward as he encouraged Trump to do the pandemic. Others question why Meadows has so far failed congressional negotiations on a coronovirus relief package and worries about voters’ inability to receive checks could harm the president in the election.

But others argue that it is foolish to think that Meadows – or anyone else – may have put a railing on Trump.

The campaign’s TV commercials are another source of hurdle. Earlier this fall, RNC President Rona McDaniel expressed concern to Trump about the lack of TV commercials in his home state of Michigan. Senior Republicans also expressed concern that Trump pulled out premature Ohio advertisements that he believes will win even if the turnout is close.

Even Trump has told allies that he is not a fan of the content of some of the advertisements his own campaign has run.

Tensions have spread in the final days of the race. In theory, the campaign and the RNC are supposed to work together. But senior Republicans have said that campaign coordination with the RNC broke down after Parscale left, with little communication between the two organizations.

Campaign officials say things have improved recently and it was not a fault for the break up. Officials from the Relection Campaign and RNC met in Capitol Hill last week to ensure coordination between the two groups. Currently also present was Katie Walsh Shields, the former head of the RNC, whom Kushner brought in to improve operations. He is being employed by the committee.

Stephen and McDaniel announced a conference call with reporters earlier this week that the two organizations were launching a $ 25 million TV blitz targeting older adults.

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murto said the campaign and the RNC “are on the same page leading to the finish line, we have similar goals, and have agreed on the message and strategy.”

RNC spokesman Mike Reid said the two are fully united in our efforts.

During Monday’s conference call with campaign staff, Trump dismissed accounts of division within his ranks and expressed dissatisfaction with Meadows, stating that the chief of staff was “doing an incredible job.”

The report said that I was not happy with that. And you know why they said that? Because what creates evil will creates chaos, ”Trump said.

Yet Trump himself is being blamed by his team.

Some close to the president say he is partially to blame for the lack of funds. The president quashed some incidents during the run of the epidemic and, unlike Biden, refused to hold virtual money-holders.

Others expressed disappointment at his decision to skip the second debate, which would have been a chance for him to gain an advantage over Biden, and on his erratic behavior in the closing days of the race. Meanwhile, reconsideration officials were taken by surprise when the call was made on Monday when they gave a 30-minute exaggerated-filled speech against innumerable targets, including Anthony Fauci.

If Trump goes down, people who know the president say they are not expected to take responsibility.

Michael Cohen, a former Trump fixer who has severed ties with the president, said the finger pointing culture brought down a boss who never accepted the blame. He, Cohen said, left the lieutenant to fight it among themselves.

“It could be Trump’s fault anytime,” Cohen said. “That’s the rule.”

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