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Panthers discouraged after hearts were torn against Seahawks

As team reporter Bill Voth pointed out after the Carolina Panthers '30-27 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, the Panthers' locker room – its The costumes, at Bank of America Stadium, were the quietest in a long time.

The Panthers had done absolutely everything they could to win the game. They had almost 500 net yards during the game. Attack player Cam Newton and running Christian McCaffrey they were practically perfect, with Newton completing 25 of 30 passes for 256 yards and two touchdowns, and McCaffrey with a total of 125 rushing yards and 112 yards with a pair of scores in a record performance. And yet, it was all in vain: thanks to the big abandoned plays, the lack of ability to capitalize on the red zone opportunities and a field goal lost, the Panthers were defeated 30-27, giving them their third consecutive loss. The playoffs wait in serious danger.

"Only a brutal way to end the game" said the tight end Greg Olsen as a result.

"That hurts, just being so close at the end and not doing the job," said the wide receiver. Jarius Wright.

McCaffrey perhaps better encapsulated the mood in the locker room, when asked if this loss was particularly painful for others.

"Everyone sucks,said McCaffrey, as reported by Joe Person of The athletic.

As expected, no one took the loss harder than the quarterback Cam Newton. According to Steve Reed of the Associated Press, Newton sat in his locker after the game, with a towel over his head and his hands cupped over his face: A look of utter devastation.

Very soon, Newton composed himself in time for his availability of media after the game, and had the task of responding to the fact that his team has now gone 6-2 and is comfortably in position to reach the playoffs 6-5. and now, as it is, out of the postseason, and deal with the reality that they may not be a football team as good as they thought.

"Three weeks ago, if someone had said that (the Panthers had lost three games in a row), I would have slapped them, but things happen and nobody will feel sorry for us," Newton said. "We are opening up a lot of hope for other teams that we can not allow to happen."

Given the fact that the Panthers no longer control their own destiny when they try to make the playoffs (and it seems the NFC South is out of reach), it's easy now to try to think of the various scenarios the Panthers need. They have fallen on their way to get back in position for a wild card place. Obviously, the easiest scenario is if the Panthers win and win five consecutive victories. But that is not a scenario in which the Panthers are exactly receptive as they are now.

"We have a lot [expletive] to know before we worry about winning five games, "Olsen said. Last week I told you that you (the media) have to worry about a game, and we have not won a game in three weeks. Forget about five, we have to win one. "

"Everyone who looks at the calendar and says:" We can beat this team, we can beat that team, we play them at home, we need a victory and we can start with that, "Newton said. "We have many capacities and a lot of potential, but I said it before, the potential has never done anything to us."

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