Panthers’ David Taper remains NFL’s Richest Owner

Getty Images

Panthers owner David Taper remains the NFL’s richest single owner, according to a list of 400 richest Americans compiled by Forbes magazine.

With an estimated total assets of $ 13 billion, Taper ranks 41st on the overall list. This is the kind of money that allows you to pay cash ($ 2.275 billion) for a football team, as they did with the Panthers in 2018.

There are 15 NFL owners on the Top 400 list – which takes you on average to people worth $ 2.1 billion.

There is a fairly wide gap in the second NFL name on Tepper’s list, as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is ranked 56th at $ 8.6 billion, followed by Rams owner Stan Cronke (59th, $ 8.3 billion), Jaguars owner SD Khan (66th, $ 7.8 billion). , And Dolphin owner Stephen Ross (74, $ 7.4 billion).

Other NFL names making the list include Patriots owner Robert Kraft (93rd, $ 6.6 billion), Falcons owner Arthur Blanc (105th, $ 6.1 billion), Bills owner Terry Pegula (129th, $ 5.5 billion), Ravens Owner Stephen Bisioti (154th, $ 4.6 billion). ), Texas owner Janice McNair (197th, $ 3.9 billion), Saints owner Gayle Benson (249th, $ 3.3 billion), Colts owner Jim Irsay (278th, $ 3 billion), Brown Mix Jimmy Haslam (295th) 2.9 billion dollars), Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie () 319th, $ 2.7 billion) and Washington’s Dan Snyder (327th, $ 2.6 billion).