Panther Can’t Stop Saints, Fall 27-24

Wide receiver DJ Moore scored a pair of touchdowns in the first half, with an explosive game for the first time.

In the second and 14th of Carolina 26, Moore was wide open in the middle of the field, and quarterback Teddy Bridgwater hit him. The wideout rested after running 33 yards to pay dirt for a 74-yard score.

Later in the second quarter, Bridgewater sent Moore from left to right at a jet sweep pace, giving him a pitch pass from the shotgun, and Moore avoided the tackle for the 7-yard score to come into the final zone.

BURNS with strip-back

Defensive coordinator Phil Snow said this week that he expected Bryan Burns to increase his productivity over the next few weeks, and the defensive end gave Snow the middle of the future through the second quarter.

With the Saints in the Panthers field for the third time in three possessions, Burns kept New-Orleans off the board by strip-barking breezes. Burns, submerged under Santa, left tackle James Hearst and hit the trees just as he was preparing to throw. The ball slipped to the left, where defensive end Marquis Haynes picked up his first fumble recovery of the season.

The takeaway led to the points, as the Panthers slid down the field and scored on Moore’s 7-yard touchdown.

While the Panthers needed him after Bern’s takeaway, the defense did not keep the Saints out of the end zone before halftime.

Although New Orleans had only 1:37 and a timeout, the trees downed their squad. With only five seconds left and no timeout on goal and second from 4, Breeze found Harris inside the goal line for a touchdown.

The Saints also did not face a third on possession, driving 75 yards in eight plays and 1:35. This gave New Orleans a 21–17 lead.

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