Pan-Asiatic Asian food with yellow fever against kickback by name after a new location opens within Whole Foods 365 «CBS Los Angeles

LONG BEACH (CBSLA) – The owners of a small chain of Southland Pan-Asian restaurants face a backlash when opening their new location, but they are taking all the negative publicity calmly. [19659002] Eatery Yellow Fever, whose motto is "Asian bowls for your soul," opened its last store on Wednesday at the new Whole Foods 365 in Long Beach, and the name rubbed some buyers the wrong way.

"I was surprised, I find it offensive," Brin Inks told CBS2 News, adding that the name "basically suggests that – a sexual connotation towards Asians."

The reaction was similar in social networks, with a person who tweeted: "Well, I think that all Foods are out of the closet with their racist Asian fetish."

Another retweet of the 365 photo said: "Today & # 39; bad product ideas & # 39;".

Owner Kelly directed it in Venice and Torrance for other Yellow Fever locations. years. In fact, CBS2 News introduced Kim and his location in Venice earlier this month, after the restaurant announced it would not consume cash. She said she did not face any setbacks until she partnered with Whole Foods.

"We've been in business for four and a half years, any backlash or any negativity has been almost nil," Kim said.

Outside the store, some residents of Long Beach said they saw both sides of the problem.

"Almost everyone I work with would probably think it was funny and I would not have any problem, but I know some people might be sensitive and find it offensive," said Martin Waltsak, who told CBS2 that he works primarily with Asian people

"I really do not do it" "I do not find anything too offensive with that, but I think it could be misinterpreted quickly," Ivan Luna repeated.

Kim told CBS2 that, no matter what the controversy, her food speaks for itself, and she expects critics to try it. 19659002] "I hope that once they come and taste our food and see us for what we are and what we are trying to be, they will realize that they are bothering the little boy, you know?" He chuckled. Kim.

Your success so far at the Long Beach location could indicate a broader public sentiment. Kim told CBS2 that the new location is outperforming its two oldest locations by 100 percent.

CBS2 reached 365 but received no response from them Friday night.


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