Palm Beach County will send two reusable masks to each home

Residents of Palm Beach County, Florida will receive reusable masks to help households comply with the new area ordinance that requires masks in public spaces, the South Florida Sun-Sentinal reported Friday.

According to the outlet, Mayor Dave Kerner announced that 1.5 million washable masks would be ordered and shipped to the 660,000 homes, with some reserved for those who may ask for more or face potential delivery problems. He said the cost is estimated at $ 2.5 million.

It is unclear when the masks may arrive, and Kerner acknowledged that the distribution will be “a challenge,” but said he is “pressing the pedal to the metal.”

The announcement by local officials comes after residents responded with outrage at the new rules requiring facial coatings. Earlier this week, a public comment session by the Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners went viral after some called the rules “devil’s laws” that “would cast down God’s wonderful breathing system.”

Another assistant, Christina Gómez, said: “We will meet and make a citizen arrest of every human being who goes against the freedom of choice” and stated that the masks “literally [are] killing people … and each of you who obey the Devil’s law will be arrested for crimes against humanity. “

The new rule reflects that of other states that saw spikes in coronavirus cases in recent weeks. Florida has seen consecutive record days. Florida broke its one-day record of new coronavirus cases reported on Friday, adding 8,942 additional confirmed infections, according to the Health Department.

In response to the massive surge, Florida announced Friday that it will close the bars in an effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus.


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